Black Dye Tub

The veteran reward version
The Holiday 1998 version. The game mislabels it as a veteran reward.
The original hacker version

The Black Dye Tub comes in three versions: the original hacker version, the Holiday 1998 version, and the newer one as a 1st year veteran reward. It is used to dye cloth and cloth made items pure black. Double-click the tub and target the clothing to dye it pure black.


  • The tub has Security Settings when locked down
  • There is no age requirement needed for the veteran reward version
  • You can distinguish the three versions by checking the name and properties
    • First Hacker version: Named "Dying Tub", not blessed and not veteran reward property
    • Second Holiday Version: Named "Dying Tub", blessed and veteran reward property
    • Third veteran reward Version: Named "Black Dye Tub", blessed and veteran reward property


Early in UO's history, some hackers injected the Data Stream with color code used to change the hue of dye tubs. This is how the very first Black Dye Tubs were made. The belief that it was an Easter Egg from using Coal on a normal Dying Tub is not true.

Since black clothing became extremely popular, the developers decided to make Black Dye Tubs one of the gifts during the Holiday 1998 season. However, these tubs were still highly prized and you had to pay or have a good friend to get something dyed. Part of the reason was mischievous players you could use Dyes to ruin the tub. Later on, the use of dyes were prohibited on Black Dye Tubs.

Finally, due to high demand, the tub was introduced as a first year Veteran reward.

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