Holiday 1998

Prize Ticket Text (Enhanced Client)
In celebration of the 1998 Holiday Season, each eligible player was rewarded with half of a special Prize Ticket. In order to actually collect a prize, players had to seek out each other and attempt to match the serial number upon the ticket with another of the exact same serial number. Each serial number was used repeatedly so that every player had a chance to find someone else with a matching ticket.

Each prize ticket read: This Is Half A Prize Ticket! Find And Target The Ticket That Matches This Serial Number: #XXXXX. This Ticket Will Only Work For YOU, So Don't Give It Away!

One of the primary issues with this system, while promoting player interaction, is that it required one player to trust another to enough to hand over his ticket so that the other person could double-click his own ticket and target second ticket within his backpack. When identical tickets were matched together in this manner, both players received a menu (image needed) that provided a list of available prizes.

1998 Holiday Prize Ticket Options

Prize Ticket (Classic Client)
The following items were available as choices for matched 1998 Holiday Prize Tickets: 1998 Holiday Prize Ticket