Ranger Armor Set

Ranger Armor Set.png

The Ranger Armor Set is a 5-piece Item Set.

  • This set is an unofficial set - that is to say, a collection of items which obviously should be put together but grant nothing other then bragging rights should you construct a complete set.
  • The pieces of this set were originally given out as a choice for the Holiday 1998 prize ticket (a random piece was given if this choice was selected).
  • The pieces of this set were later given out in random single parts to Young Players from the Young Player Ticket system, up until Publish 7.
  • Each is essentially a dyed piece of Studded Armor with a fancy title, however they are rare and no longer spawn, thus are fairly valuable.
  • At one time, there was a bug that alowed you to Smelt the segments into what have been dubbed as Ranger Ingots.

Total Stats


A Studded Tunic, Ranger Armor.png A Studded Tunic, Ranger Armor Studded Gloves, Ranger Armor.png Studded Gloves, Ranger Armor Studded Gorget, Ranger Armor.png Studded Gorget, Ranger Armor
Studded Leggings, Ranger Armor.png Studded Leggings, Ranger Armor Studded Sleeves, Ranger Armor.png Studded Sleeves, Ranger Armor

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