Phoenix Armor Set

Phoenix Armor Set.png

The Phoenix Armor Set is a 6-piece Item Set.

  • This set is an unofficial set - that is to say, a collection of items which obviously should be put together but grant nothing other then bragging rights should you construct a complete set.
  • Parts of this set originally were only obtained as a reward option from the 1999 Clean Up Britannia event. There are six total pieces to the set, with each piece costing 100,000 points, and they were randomly selected when requested as a reward - hence getting a complete set together was very difficult.
  • Contrary to popular legend, the parts of this set have never spawned as loot on Phoenixes.
  • A pair of hue matched boots cleverly named Leather Boots Of The Phoenix were given out by an EM several years back. These footwear have sometimes caused confusion and anger by collectors since they are not part of the official set and exist in extremely limited numbers.

Unused Phoenix Armor Claim Ticket
  • In 2004, an EM event was held on the Japanese shards in which phoenix armor was finally made available to the players there through a gift ticket claim system. Several of the unused tickets were stolen by an exploit that allowed any player to claim the random armor piece by a locked down ticket on display. The exploit was eventually fixed, but the remaining tickets now exist in much smaller numbers.

Total Stats


A Nose Helm Of The Phoenix.png A Nose Helm of the Phoenix A Ringmail Tunic Of The Phoenix.png A Ringmail Tunic of the Phoenix Ringmail Gloves Of The Phoenix.png Ringmail Gloves of the Phoenix
Ringmail Leggings Of The Phoenix.png Ringmail Leggings of the Phoenix Ringmail Sleeves Of The Phoenix.png Ringmail Sleeves of the Phoenix Studded Gorget Of The Phoenix.png Studded Gorget of the Phoenix

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