Holiday 2009

Pot of Eggnog


With Publish 63, all characters that log in and are 30 days or older will receive a holiday gift ticket in their backpack until January 25, 2010. While the ticket can be use to claim a gift at any time, the ticket must be received before the deadline. The gift ticket is Blessed and may only be used by the original character that receives it. When used, the character is presented with a choice of one of five different gifts.


When a gift selection is made, the ticket is consumed and a Gift Box is placed in the character's backpack containing the chosen gift as well as a candy cane and a holiday card from a random dev team member.

Holiday gift menu 2009.png

  • A Pot of Eggnog - An over-brimming pot of seemingly inexhaustible eggnog. When used, it produces a glass of eggnog in the character's backpack which is good for one drink and leads to inebriation.
A pot of eggnog.png
  • Icicles - A set of 6 different icicles that may be locked down in player homes.
  • Nutcracker - Choice of a small or large nutcracker that moves it's jaw when used while locked down in a player home.
    • Nutcracker large.png Large
    • Nutcracker small.png Small
  • Snow Statue - Choice of one of four Snow Statues - Pegasus, Seahorse, Mermaid or Griffon.

Snow statue menu.jpg

  • A Deed For A Holiday Tree - A gift that has appeared in previous years but now with more display options, the deed may be used to place a Holiday Tree in player homes in one of four styles:
    • Classic - Fully ornamented and lit fir tree
    • Modern - Tapering Tuscan pine tree with strings of lights
    • Classic Bare - Same as Classic, without any foliage
    • Modern Bare - Same as Modern, without any foliage


Right-most Angels design is "rare"
  • Six new Gift Box variants were introduced with the Holiday 2009 gifts, the one with angels being the "rare" one.
  • While the Holiday Tree Deeds have all four display options to choose from, the "Bare"(no lights or ornaments) options are the only ones available during "Off Seasons".
  • A Pot of Eggnog can be refilled when empty but will require a milk, eggs, sugar, and liquor.
  • Only characters 30 days or older will be given Holiday Gift tickets.
  • Characters younger than 30 days will receive a system message at login stating they are too young to receive a gift ticket.

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