Publish 63

Deployment History

  • December 17, 2009 - Released to all remaining shards.
  • December 15, 2009 - Released to the Origin shard with Update 1 rolled in.
  • December 11, 2009 - Released to the TC1 shard.

Publish Message

Hail adventurers!

Publish 63 will be available on TC1 today, we have a number of other changes in addition to the imbuing improvements that were released earlier this week. Below are the full notes for this publish (including the changes to imbuing) so have a look then see for yourselves on TC1, have fun!

Christmas Items

Happy Holidays from the UO Team! You will have to wait to find out what your getting this year

Sarah the Trader

A foreign trader is passing through our lands, looking to trade your Halloween costumes for some of the exotic ones she brought with her. Since she will only be around for a short time please visit her in Moonglow.

Imbuing Changes

Imbuing UI Redesign

  • The design of the initial imbuing gump has been changed to match the rest of the imbuing UI.
  • Two new options have been added to the initial imbuing gump menu:
    • Imbue Last Properties - This option uses the last used property/intensity combination, and allows you to target a new item to imbue with that combination. It will check to make sure the new item is allowed to be imbued with that combination.
    • Unravel Container - This option replaces the functionality of the unravel bag. It allows you to choose any container in your backpack, and will unravel any items contained inside. This is a recursive operation, so it will unravel items contained inside of sub-containers located inside of the targeted container. If there are any special material items inside, you will be asked if you wish to proceed.
  • The design of the property selection gump has been changes to better organize the available properties for the targeted item.
  • On the left side of the gump is a list of categories for the available properties for the targeted item.
  • On the right side of the gump is a list of properties in the currently selected category.
  • The design of the imbuing confirmation gump has been redesigned for clarity and ease of use.
  • The gump layout has changed to better organize the information on the current imbuing attempt.
  • New buttons have been added that allow the intensity to be changed in steps of plus or minus 10 intensity per button press.

Changes to Imbuing Skill Gain

  • Imbuing focus value changed from 50 to 60. This means that you can gain skill from a wider range of difficulties.
  • The overall chance for skill gains has been increased.
  • There are now bonuses to skill gain chance when performing an imbue that requires relic fragments or rare item ingredients (monster drops, etc.). The bonus is per ingredient used, so more difficult imbuing attempts that use more ingredients will increase the chance for skill gain.
  • The number of times a single item can be imbued before it has diminished skill gain has been increased from 10 to 20.
  • The unraveling skill gain cap has been removed.
  • The difficulty value passed into the skill gain system is now roughly equal to the total intensity of the item * 2.
  • Unravel focus value changed from 50 to 70. This means that you can gain skill from a wider range of difficulties.
  • As with imbuing an item, there is now a bonus chance to gain skill based on the number of ingredients returned during the unravel attempt. The quality, and to a lesser extent the quantity, of the ingredients returned give a bonus to the chance to gain skill.

Unraveling Changes

  • The 50 intensity requirement to get multiple ingredients has been removed.
  • The type and quantity of ingredients returned from a successful unravel attempt has been modified so that in general, it returns more materials on average per unravel attempt.
  • Except for items with a total intensity of 1 to 49 intensity, which always give exactly 1 magical residue, there is now a chance to receive a bonus ingredient.
  • Unraveling single items and unraveling multiple items via the Unravel Container feature now use the same process, which eliminates any difference in results between the two methods.
  • Unravel bags will no longer be sold, and existing unravel bags will lose their current functionality, as it has been incorporated into the initial imbuing menu.

Special Material Item Changes

  • Items made from or enhanced with special materials can now be imbued.
  • This only applies to new items created after this change.
  • Artifacts can now be imbued.
  • These follow the same rules and restrictions as other items. This means most are unable to be imbued, as they already exceed the property and intensity limits of the imbuing system, but many of them can be improved through the imbuing system.
  • Items that are part of armor sets are not allowed to be imbued, as the set bonuses combined with the normal imbuing restrictions would allow for the creation of ultra-powerful items.
  • The bonus to durability is not considered in the total intensity of an item. Since some special materials add durability as an item property, we did not want those special materials to be less attractive in combination with the imbuing system.

Character Body and Hue System

  • Fixed various exploits and bugs that resulted in avatars becoming permanently invisible
  • Fixed various exploits and bugs that resulted in permanent avatar skin tone change
  • New Rules:
    • The new system stacks and tracks all hue and body change effects
    • These effects are prioritized, and when multiple effects are stacked then the changes with the highest priority are the ones applied to the avatar
    • Cosmetic effects are transformations that are generally cosmetic only
      • Prioritization (highest to lowest):
        • Xenrr’s Fishing Pole
        • Barreraak’s Ring
        • Halloween Costumes
        • Incognito
        • Savage Kin Body Paint
      • Functional effects are spells and spell-like effects that generally have ancillary effects (e.g. the brittle skin effect from Medusa)
        • Prioritization (highest to lowest)
        • Petrification / Brittle Skin
        • Spells of all schools
    • Functional effects are higher priority than cosmetic effects, with exceptions:
      • Some “easter egg” effects are cosmetic but override the visual appearance from functional effects
    • Characters can now have multiple cosmetic effects on at the same time. For example:
      • A player can now equip Barreraak’s Ring while wearing savage paint
      • The avatar will take on the goblin appearance but will still have all of the effects of the savage paint (per visual priorities listed above)
      • If the paint is removed (or explodes) while in goblin form:
        • The avatar still looks like a goblin so long as the goblin item remains equipped
        • Then when the goblin item is removed the avatar reverts to its original body and skin tone
    • Characters are still limited to having one functional effect on at a time
      • For example, you still cannot cast Animal Form while polymorphed
    • Characters may have one high priority effect and multiple low priority effects on at once. For example:
      • While holding the goblin fishing pole, and wearing a Halloween costume, the player may now cast Animal Form
      • The Animal Form effect takes priority until gone
      • The avatar’s appearance will then revert to that of a goblin
      • If the fishing pole is unequipped, the character’s appearance then reverts to the Halloween costume
  • Xenrr’s Fishing Pole is now Spell Channeling

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with players kiting in silver serpents into the Refugee Camp
  • Non Gargoyles can no longer see the sparkles in the flight path in the Enhanced Client
  • Fixed an issue in Imbuing where the special materials bonus for heartwood was not being applied to items made from that material.
  • Two Quests had the same name, changed one of them to “To turn base metal into Verite”
  • Fixed the rockfall damage in Navrey’s lair to all players and pets within a 5 tile range
  • Fixed an issue where pets were getting their skills set to zero (0) when petrified
  • Fixed Halloween masks to not take any damage
  • Fixed the issue where players could not get rid of Cursed parchments, they will now delete themselves on log in
  • Fixed issues players were having with being polymorph several times and getting body changing effects stuck on your player.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to Imbue an Ecru Citrine with excessive weighted intensities
  • Escorts will following players thru the house teleporters to other facets
  • Fixed an issue with being able to kite Renowned Mini champions away from the SA Champ spawns, these mobs are now leashed.
  • Soulstones and soulstone fragments will now display the owner name on mouse over tooltip.
  • Threads of Life have been fixed so they do not lose scripts when you unstuck them
  • Players who die in Animal Form to Entangling Roots will no longer lose their original hue
  • Fixed a bug where performing Shadowjump on a grey NPC would flag you criminal
  • Fixed an issue with players losing bonded mounts when the pet does not stable properly
  • Fixed the Tinkered Ter-Mur Candelabra, it was not lighting up in either client
  • If a monster kills 2 or more Refugees their corpse will not be loot able
  • Players are able to stack full sacks of flour. You will have to remove one sack of flour and open it to be able to use it for cooking. If you only have closed sacks of flour in your pack you will receive the message “You do not have the components needed to make that.”
  • Ask and Answer balls will not have their names reverted to Crystal Balls
  • Arcane Gems and Clockwork assembly will now stack
  • Fixed an issue in the Enhanced Client when a player has a “Last Object” macro set up and the object is either destroyed or removed from the player, the macro locks up and the client must be restarted to enable the macro again
  • Fixed an issue with the Enhanced Client gumps using double [» (>>) and « (<<)] and triple arrows do not display.
  • Turned off the pumpkins from spawning in fields


Update 1

December 15, 2009

  • Fixed an issue that prevented skill on various artifact and crafted items from being detected by the imbuing system.
  • Some community collection items cannot be imbued due to the balance issues.
  • Eternal Guardian Staff cannot be imbued due to balance issues.

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