Crystallized Essence

Crystallized Essence is a quest reward that could be acquired by completing the Halloween 2009 Quest. Upon completing the quest, a Crystallized Essence would appear in the character's backpack in one of three colors.

  • Red - Was to be given to Thomas the Toymaker for Halloween Costumes. After the first, 5 more were required per costume.
  • Blue - Was used to heal gypsies who have used Jared's potion. When successfully cured, they would give a Conjurer's Garb that included 140 luck.
  • Yellow - Summons a Harbinger monster which is as tough as as champion or peerless.

However the Halloween 2009 quest is over and cannot be completed anymore, the remaining yellow Crystallized Essence can still be used to summon a Harbinger which could give a Conjurer's Garb as special loot.