Halloween 2009 Quest

The Halloween 2009 quest was a limited time event quest as part of Halloween 2009. It was concluded on November 15, 2009 and thus is no longer available.


Jasper the Inspector

Speak with Jasper the Inspector at the Court of Truth in northwest end of the village of Yew. He will stand there repeating the following:

  • "If you wish to Assist in this investigation, ask me about Jared's disappearance!"
  • Jasper - "Yes, that is my name. Do you wish to Assist us?"
    • Assist - "Much appreciated! Jared is the Toymaker's assistant. His Wife just filed a missing person's report this morning."
      • Jared - "He is the Toymaker's assistant. His Wife just filed a missing person's report this morning."
        • Toymaker - "Tomas O'Neerlan has been training Jared in his craft. Dame Eliza has a lot to say about him."
          • Tomas - "He's the Toymaker in Trinsic. I would strongly suggest you speak to Dame Eliza before you question him."
          • Eliza - "Both her and her husband are tinkers in Minoc. Jared recently began apprenticing as a Toymaker while she ran the shop."
      • Wife - "Dame Eliza, is very distraught. She says her husband has been acting very strangely since working on his secret Project."
        • Project - "Eliza had very little information on it. Jared was very secretive. But maybe you can find out more than I did."

You must say Eliza to move on to the next part.

Eliza the Tinker

Speak with Eliza the Tinker at the Gears and Gadgets tinker shop in northern Minoc.

  • Eliza - "I am Jared's wife. My husband has been missing for days now. Will you Help me find him?"
    • Jared - "He disappeared a few days ago while working on some secret Project in his Lab."
    • Help - "Jared disappeared a few days ago while working on some secret Project in his Lab."
      • Lab - "My husband has a secret place he loves working in. He said he focuses better there. But he wouldn't tell me where it was."
      • Project - "He didn't say much about it, but he was excited about how impressed his Master would be once he finished it."
        • Master - "Tomas O'Neerlan, the famous Toymaker. My husband recently became his apprentice."
          • Tomas - "I was in the process of writing him a Letter when you arrived."
          • Toymaker - "Jared literally worships him. I was writing Tomas a Letter about the disappearance when you arrived."
            • Letter - "Could you deliver it to him at his shop in Trinsic when you go question him about my husband's disappearance?"

You must say letter and rolled up parchment A Letter From Eliza will drop into your backpack to proceed. A letter from eliza.png

Tomas O'Neerlan the Famed Toymaker

Speak with Tomas O'Neerlan The Famed Toymaker at the Tinkers Guild in northwest Trinsic.

  • Tomas - Before giving him the letter: "I am sorry, but I cannot discuss with anyone not officially on this case. If you have proof that you are, please provide it!" After giving him the letter: "Accomplished Tinker and Toymaker, at your service!"
    • Give the letter to Thomas - "Ah! Eliza sent you! Of course, I will assist any way I can. Ask me any question."
      • Eliza - "She is a gifted Tinker and wife of Jared, my apprentice."
      • Jared - "Very talented in our craft but also for getting in Trouble. His Disappearance worries me."
        • Trouble - "He gets involved in all sorts of crazy Projects but only worries about the consequences when it's too late."
          • Project - "He said it was a Secret but would blow me away and make me proud."
            • Secret - "He wouldn't let anyone, not even his wife, know what he was up to. So he worked in some private Lab."
              • Lab - "I'm afraid I cannot help you locate it. He was very secretive about it."
        • Disappearance - "I feared something bad might happen when the Gypsies started Rumors about him and his Project."
          • Gypsies - "Jared has apparently been visiting their camp outside of Minoc quite often of late."
          • Rumors - "Bad things in truth. They were saying he had the evil eye and other such nonsense."

All that is required is handing the "Letter From Eliza" to Tomas to continue on(drop the letter on him).

Alana the Gypsy

Head to the Gyspsy Camp of tents just south of Minoc and west of the road. Alana the Gypsy will speak with players regarding the investigation.

  • Jared - "He has caused a lot of Trouble here. And now, there's way more than just him Missing."
    • Trouble - "He came recruiting some Transients. Easy job, easy money, he said. I knew it was bad news."
      • Transients - "Gypsies and vagrants. After Isham went Missing, no one else would work for Jared. Now he's missing too."
    • Missing - "All five Transients who worked for him never Returned. And now Lydia has left with a broken heart."
      • Returned - "Leto, Carl, Sam, Laura and Isham went to Jared's Lab for his little Project and were never seen again."
        • Leto - "The intellectual kind of guy. Very friendly but mostly quiet. He was quite the entomologist."
        • Carl - "He was quite the handyman. Last I heard, he was trying to adapt the Orcs' drilling technology to something more modern."
        • Sam - "He and Laura are twins. Inseparable and identical in so many ways. They wanted to become great mages."
        • Laura - "She and Sam are twins. Inseparable they were. Too bad they also liked to hang out with the bad type of mages."
        • Isham - "He was Lydia's man. A strange fellow with a bizarre obsession for snow and cold. He really Disappointed her."
          • Lydia - "She was Isham's mate. When he failed to meet her again despite the Note he wrote her, she left the camp for good."
          • Disappointed - "He stood her up so many times, when he didn't show up after leaving that Note, she had enough and left for good."
            • Note - "It was a rendez-vous note. But Isham didn't show up so Lydia Tore it up in anger and left the camp too."
              • Tore - "The pieces have been scattered throughout the camp. You can always try to find them and piece the Note back together."
A torn note.jpg

You must say note to Alana to continue. Locate the 5 torn notes scattered around the area. Two are inside tents, three are not. Double-click each you find to collect a fragment and a copy will appear in your backpack. The torn note locations change daily, but are always located close to camp.

Once you have all five, double-click one of them to obtain A Note From Isham A note from isham.png

Isham's Hideout

Inside one of the Minoc mining caves is a grey skull. Stand next to it and say loki to be transported to Isham's lair. If you attempt to open the door, you will get a message saying:

  • "Tiny glares at you menacingly. You will need to show him proof you are invited in."

Give the Note From Isham to Tiny the Guard and you will receive the following system message:

  • "Tiny mumbles in acceptance of the note and seems to lose interest in you."

You can now open the door to get inside. Double-click the open book on the east table. It is "a journal" by Jared. It contains the following text:

  • "DAY 1
    I finally managed to get the Hag's morph recipe. I'm eager to see if it works as well as I hope. If I succeed, Tomas will be so proud of me! He will be blown away!
    I retained the services of Leto and Carl to be the first testers. Something went wrong. They morphed as was intended but I can't bring them back to their human form.
    DAY 3
    Sam and Laura drank some of my modified potion. It almost worked. I'm close, I can feel it! Leto and Carl are getting worse though. They're growling like beasts...
    DAY 4
    Leto and Carl are gone. They don't seem to have a shred of humanity left. Sam and Laura will be the same soon. How did it come to this? Isham volunteered to help. He needs the money to elope with his belle. I shouldn't but I'm so close! And if I succeed, it will surely also help bring back the others to their original form. I cannot give up now.
    DAY 7
    They are all gone. I saw Leto in Despise with the trolls. The others too have joined creatures of their type. The gypsies will not speak to me. They have finally realized that whatever I'm doing is bad. It wasn't meant to be! I couldn't bear to face Lydia. This is my last attempt. This must work or all is lost. If it fails, I hope my beloved wife will forgive me.
    DAY 8
    Sthytys asara... Shaslishyth. Iss."

Double-click the cauldron to get a Murky Morph Potion. Murky morph potion.png When you do so, you will receive the following system messages:

  • "You take a sample of the mixture and put it in your backpack."
  • "Murky Morph potion will expire in 6000 seconds!"

Grizelda the Hag

Book of magical herbs.jpg

Visit Grizelda at her ruined house in the woods. Read the Magical Herbs book on the table. Then hand her the Murky Morph potion by dropping it on her. You will trigger the following response:

  • "Amateurs!! That's what happens when you mess with things you don't understand. Yes, I can Cure that."
    • Cure - "The recipe he stole from me wasn't complete. Now he and his helpers are Trapped in monstrous bodies."
      • Trapped - "They cannot break the affects of the morph potion and it's affecting their minds as well. They need Help."
        • Help - "They must be administered a Massive amount of Antidote since they have been morphed a long time."
          • Massive - "They longer they remain this way, the more doses of Antidote they will need: 10, 30, 50? Who knows?!"
          • Antidote - "It's not easy to acquire, but if you have the will and courage, I can show you the Recipe."
            • Recipe - "It is complex and requires you to strictly follow each step. First, you will need special Herbs."
              • Herbs - "Moon grass that grows around graveyards. It possesses very special Properties."
                • Properties - "Used on the corpse of a monster, moon grass sometimes releases the creature's corporeal Residue."
                  • Residue - "If you harvest enough residue, you will be able to make corporeal Essence."
                    • Essence - "Use if on yourself so you can see with the eyes of monsters. Only then can you find the Lingering essence."
                      • Lingering - "That's what Jared was Missing. Use one of my soul Harvesters to collect the Lingering essence."
                        • Jared - "Jared isn't a bad soul. But his curiousity got him in a very bad Predicament. He will need your Help."
                          • Predicament - See "Cure"
                        • Missing - "He thought the corporeal Essence was the ingredient he needed, but that was only the first step."
                        • Harvesters - "Once in monster form, fill the Flask with Lingering essences that can be found where monsters dwell."
                          • Flask - "Use the full vial on my alchemist table and hope for the right Result."
                            • Result - "You will find more details on this in my Magical herbs book on my desk."
                              • Magical - "It will teach you everything you need to know about using moon grass."

Go back to the table and double-click the Soul Harvester to the left of the Magical Herbs book. A Soul Harvester will appear in your backpack, accompanied by the following system messages:

  • "You place the empty bottle in your backpack."
  • "soul harvester will expire in 12000 seconds!"

Wayward Soul Collection

Moon grass plant.png

The first step is to acquire a piece of Moon Grass. The easiest locations to find them is at Britain Cemetery and Jhelom Cemetery. They can also be found in some dungeons such as Deceit and Covetous. Double-click the grass to collect some for use. It will appear in your backpack and have an expiration timer of 600 seconds(10 minutes).

Kill monsters and use the moon grass on their corpse. The corpse will turn green and, if you are lucky, a Corporeal Residue will appear in your backpack with an expiration timer of 12,000 seconds(200 minutes).

Once you have four residues, combine them by double-clicking which will then yield a Corporeal Essence with an expiration timer of 600 seconds(10 minutes). Using the essence turns you into a troll. While in this form, monsters will not attack you unless they see you turn into the monster or were already attacking you prior to transformation.

While in monster form, you are able to see Lingering Essence (represented by red sparkles). They are found inside Anti-Virtue Dungeons. When you see one, walk on top of it to capture the soul. A message will inform that "You capture the essence." It takes 5 souls to fill your Soul Harvester. If you do not manage to capture 5 souls before your Corporeal Essence expires, you will still have the souls already collected in the Soul Harvester but will need to get another Corporeal Essence to be be able to see the Lingering Essences. Thus, you must begin again by collecting Moon Grass.

Crystallized Essence

When your Soul Harvester is full go back to Grizelda. Double-click your Soul Harvester in your backpack, then target the Alchemy Table to the left of the Soul Harvester on the table. A Crystallized Essence will appear in your backpack in one of three colors.

  • Red - Give to Thomas the Toymaker for Halloween Costumes. After the first, 5 more are required per costume.
  • Blue - Used to heal gypsies who have used Jared's potion. When successfully cured, they will give you a Conjurer's Garb that includes 140 luck.
  • Yellow - Summons a Harbinger monster which is as tough as as champion or peerless

Note: You can complete the Crystallized Essence collection part as many times as you wish. Simply grab a new Soul Harvester. Also, if your Soul Harvester is full but you still have time left on your Corporeal Essence, you can turn it in for a Crystallized Essence, grab a new, empty Soul Harvester and go collect more souls from Lingering Essence.

The Gypsies

There are six ill gypsies waiting to be cured:

  • Carl: He can be found in the Orc Dungeon where the Orc Brute spawns.
  • Laura and Sam: They can be found in the Evil Mage tower, 2nd floor, on the 3rd level of Shame. It's the tower near the Poison Elemental spawns.
  • Isham: He is in the Ice Fiend room in the Ice Dungeon.
  • Leto: He is in the Solen Hives somewhere.
  • Jared: He is in the swamp north of Britain, near the Desert of Compassion.

Once cured, there is a timer of approximately 2 hours before the gypsy can be cured again.

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