Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007, which coincided with the Magincia Invasion, saw several additions and special items to celebrate the holiday.

Trick or Treating

In addition to the increasing havoc related to the live events in Magincia, players were once again invited to go Trick or Treating with NPCs in Sosaria. The official names of the tricks were: Bloody Mess; Splatter; Evil Twin; Random Polymorph; and Cacophony, which included several from last year, and the new addition of spurting blood.

Trick or treating also yielded interesting results:


Undead would periodically invade graveyards. You could find Twilight Lanterns and Halloween Ghoul Statuettes on their corpses. Once enough were defeated the Grim Reaper would spawn to bring you to the grave.

Pumpkin Picking

In fields across Britannia, pumpkins were growing and could be picked up freely. Once picked up they become "PlayerName's Pumpkin," with a 1:2 chance of becoming an exploding Jack o' Lantern. Very rare chance of becoming a powerful type of Jack o' Lantern that lays down flames everywhere.

Shard of the Dead III

Shard of the dead logo.jpg

For the third consecutive year, the developers setup a Shard of the Dead in which they could unleash some ghoulish fun without breaking the game too much.

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