Trick or Treat

Oftentimes during a Halloween event(i.e. Halloween 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) players can say

"Trick or Treat" and a target cursor would appear. Then targeting an NPC would yield one of several "treat" items or a "trick" of a nasty surprise.

Sometimes, players with GM Begging would have a rare chance at an extra special treat item.

  • You could only trick or treat the same NPC once every couple of minutes.


Common Treats

  • Jellybeans Jellybeans.png
  • Nougat Swirl Nougat swirl.png
  • Taffy Taffy.png
  • Wrapped Candy Wrapped candy.png
  • Lollipop in random flavor of Cherry, Lime or Orange Lollipops.png

GM Beggar-only Semi-Rare Treats

These are rewarded to Grandmaster Beggars for roughly 1% of the time.

From Halloween 2009
From Halloween 2010
  • Chair in a Ghost Costume Chair in a ghost costume.png
  • Excellent Iron Maiden Excellent iron maiden.png
  • Halloween Guillotine Halloween guillotine.png
  • Small Web (left or right, same as Halloween 2009 except hued orange or black) Small web orange.png Small web black.png
From Halloween 2016
  • Deed for a Giant Pumpkin
  • Tray of Pumpkin Spice Cider
  • Tray of Candy Apples
  • Gypsy Wagon Lamp
From Halloween 2017
  • Scarecrow


  • Temporarily changes the hue of the character's body and equipped items. Hued clothing can be used to obtain 'two-tone' or 'Halloween' cloth that comes in 144 - 156 different colors (see: Metallic Dye Tub).
  • Bleeding profusely (harmless)

also, a Naughty Twin could appear which would:

  • Teleport you to a random moongate on the same facet.
  • Steal some of your candy.


  • I ran around Cove with great success. I started at the North end and worked my way South, hitting every NPC along the way. I then would go back to the first and be able to hit that one again, thus starting my circle over again.

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