Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 brought back some popular Halloween-related activities from previous years as well as the pumpkin patch of Halloween 2011 and 2012. It went live on October 1st and is scheduled to end in early November.


Zombie Skeletons

Zombie Skeleton

The Zombie Skeletons of the recently deceased players are seen in graveyards across Britannia and the Lost Lands. There is a chance for them to drop a Bone container halloween 2012.png bone container named after the player (eg. Cogniac's Bones) in one of the the random hues.


Butchers can be found haunting graveyards around Britannia. In addition to casting high level Necromancy spells, they also summon hordes of undead to defend themselves. When defeated, a pumpkin carving kit can be found on their corpse roughly 50% of the time.

Killer Pumpkins

Killer Pumpkin

Farmers once again could harvest Pumpkin.png pumpkins this season. The larger Pumpkin bear the names of Developers and EMs. If one tries pick it up, it turns into a Killer Pumpkin. After defeating a Killer Pumpkin carvable pumpkins can be found in the corpse. These pumpkins can be carved using the carving kit found on Butchers.

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat items can be obtained by simply walking up to an Npc, saying "Trick or Treat" and then targeting them.

Beware - NPC's may opt to play a trick on players instead of giving them a treat.

If a character has Grandmaster (100.0 skill) Begging there is a small chance to receive a special treat from previous years:


Common Treats

  • Jellybeans Jellybeans.png
  • Nougat Swirl Nougat swirl.png
  • Taffy Taffy.png
  • Wrapped Candy Wrapped candy.png
  • Lollipop in random flavor of Cherry, Lime or Orange Lollipops.png

GM Beggar-only Semi-Rare Treats

These are rewarded to Grandmaster Beggars for roughly 1% of the time.

From Halloween 2009
From Halloween 2010
  • Chair in a Ghost Costume Chair in a ghost costume.png
  • Excellent Iron Maiden Excellent iron maiden.png
  • Halloween Guillotine Halloween guillotine.png
  • Small Web (left or right, same as Halloween 2009 except hued orange or black) Small web orange.png Small web black.png


  • Temporarily changes the hue of the character's body and equipped items. Hued clothing can be used to obtain 'two-tone' or 'Halloween' cloth that comes in 144 - 156 different colors (see: Metallic Dye Tub).
  • Bleeding profusely (harmless)

also, a Naughty Twin could appear which would:

  • Teleport you to a random moongate on the same facet.
  • Steal some of your candy.

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