Halloween 2006

For the 2006 Halloween season, the developers added several special items and systems to celebrate the holiday.


Last year was Shard of the Dead. This year, it’s Shard of the Dead II AND The Festival of Fright, two evil events for the price of one. Already ongoing is The Festival of Fright! Log in and see the gamewide invasion of the deadly decomposing, spreading their thrills and chills across every shard. Coffins will spring open and their occupants will dance on their own graves, and even dig new ones for the unlucky. Undead death dealers of all kinds will gleefully rampage through all of Britannia, looking for the unsuspecting to play tricks on. Treats might also available if you know who to ask and who to kill before they kill you. And be on the look out for the Grim Reaper himself. This is his one chance to party, and he doesn’t like his revelry disturbed.

This will take place only on the ShardOfTheDead2 test shard, and will feature experimental insanity that we wouldn’t dare unleash on a regular shard. We’ll be trying a few new tricks this year, so be ready for anything. - UO.com

Trick or Treating

Also as part of Halloween 2006, players were invited to go Trick or Treating with NPCs in Sosaria. Tricks ranged from being morphed into various creatures (orcs, animals etc), being blown to bits and needing to be resurrected, odd sounds played or gaining an 'evil twin' of yourself which followed you around and attacked you until it was killed!

Trick or treating could also net you some interesting trinkets:

Item Description
Halloween 2006 - Candy.jpg Candy
Caramel Apples, Rock Candy & Licorice (stackable). Eating too much candy gave you a toothache!
Halloween 2006 - Food.jpg 9th Anniversary Food & Drink
Very 'rare' drops of special 9th Anniversary marked items. Eg "(9th Anniversary Cake, Milk, Bottle of Wine, Plate of Cookies, Pizza" were highly sought after. Many deaths resulted from 'Tricks' to obtain these items!


Undead would periodically invade graveyards. You could find Twilight Lanterns and Halloween Ghoul Statuettes on their corpses. Once enough were defeated the Grim Reaper would spawn to bring you to the grave.

Pumpkin Picking

In fields across Britannia, pumpkins were growing and could be picked up freely. Each one contained the name of a developer.

Shard of the Dead II

Shard of the dead logo.jpg

For the second consecutive time, the developers setup a shard in which they could unleash some ghoulish fun without breaking the game too much. Make sure you check out Shard of the Dead II for all the crazy antics.

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