Yew is located in the northwest region of Britannia, on the edge of the Deep Forest. The pastoral city is named for the dense population of Yew trees that surround it. Yew is less of a city than it is a collection of many homesteads. Dirt roads connect most of the buildings, which lends credence to the claim that it is a community, but often a considerable distance lies between the house of the various residents.

Deep within its woods is the hallowed Empath Abbey, home to diligent monks who are makers of the best wine in the land. Most of the houses are simple wooden cabins, although the Abbey is made of stone for durability. Also in the area is the Court of Truth. The land’s second largest jail in Sosaria, it is made entirely of reinforced stone and looks like a smaller version of Lord British's Castle Britannia.

The center of Yew proper is also the location of the portal to the Elf City of Heartwood, as pictured.

General Facts

  • Theme: City of Justice
  • Associated Virtue: Justice
  • Common Professions: Farmers, Monks, Jailers, Hunters
  • Location: 55°43'N 54°42'W
  • Government (Trammel): Ruled by the Britannian Council
  • Government (Felucca): Ruled by Factions



Bakers & Butchers

Carpenters, Bowfletchers, & Architects

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