Bloody Sash

Bloody sash.png
Bloody Sash
Weight: 1 Stone
Strength Requirement 10

Bloody Sash is a special reward for killing an Ancient Hellhound that was introduced during Halloween 2010. Equipping it will transform your appearance to resemble a Werewolf, but only between 12 AM to 6 AM in game time. The Werewolf form can cast spells and use abilities normally, but cannot use mounts and cannot use other polymorphing effects, such as Polymorph or Animal Form. (It is not yet known if the Incognito and Disguise Kit effects are included.)

If the player equips the sash while mounted, they are dismounted by the transformation. If the player equips the sash while polymorphed, nothing happens. If the player returns to normal form with the sash equipped, the sash must be re-equipped before the player is transformed, or wait until midnight.

Werewolf graphic in Enhanced Client.

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