Weight: 7 Stones
Spell Channeling
Energy Resist 10%
Strength Requirement 45
Durability: 45 (min) - 110 (max)

The Blackrock Detector Event Set is an unofficial set - that is to say, a collection of items which obviously should be put together but grant nothing other then bragging rights should you accomplish it.

It comprises of two items, the Planesword (a Longsword) and Planeshield (a Metal Kite Shield), dropped by Fallen Warriors during the Mad Mage event. This event was Part II of the larger event arc Warriors of Destiny. On March 29, 2008, a device made to detect Blackrock instead opened a portal to the Ethereal Void, giving players access to a dark mirror of Moonglow filled with the creatures (and also allowing the Shadowlords access to Sosaria...).

Each Fallen Warrior would either drop the sword or the shield when killed. The items were not intended for practical use, but instead as an easy way to collect points for the Spring Cleaning 2008 event (which followed shortly after). While extremely common prior to the turn-in, they no longer spawn in game.

When completely assembled, the total modifiers are:

Enhancement and Imbuing

The Planeshield cannot be enhanced. However, there are reports that it can be imbued

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