Fruit Basket

Fruit basket.png
Fruit Basket
Weight: 5 Stones

A Fruit Basket is a daily rare item. When double clicked, the fruit is eaten and an empty basket is left behind that may be used as a container.


The fruit basket is considered a daily rare because it spawns every day when the shard is brought back online after daily maintenance. Players race to see who can login the quickest, to pick up the fruit basket before anyone else. Other players sometimes maliciously eat the fruit from the fruit basket before it can be picked up.

Beyond that, it is one of the more visually appealing decor items due to it's colorful appearance and imparting the idea of juicy, fresh fruit.


Location where the fruit basket can be found.

Fruit Baskets can be acquired on both the Trammel and Felucca facets. No stealing skill is required.

  • Yew: (55° 54'N 72° 54'W) A large farmhouse building south of the Yew Prison, on the coast.

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