Weight: 1 Stone
Contents: 0/125 Items, 0/400 Stones

A basket is a daily rare container that remains after a Fruit Basket is eaten. It cannot be dyed.


The fruit basket, from whence the basket comes, is considered a daily rare because it spawns every day when the shard is brought back online after daily maintenance. Players race to see who can login the quickest, to pick up the fruit basket before anyone else. Other players sometimes maliciously eat the fruit from the fruit basket before it can be picked up.


Baskets can be acquired in 5 locations, on both the Trammel and Felucca facets. To pickup the basket, the fruit must be eaten. No stealing skill is required.

  • Buccaneer's Den: (55° 54'N 72° 54'W)Cutlass Smithing shop, the northwestern most building on the island.
  • Hedge Maze: (52° 22'S 13° 30'W)(52° 28'S 13° 8'W) The main building in the middle of the maze. A basket is located on a table on the first and second floors.
  • Nujel'm: (44° 8'N 173° 19'E)The northern most building on the island, in the back room.
  • Yew: (55° 54'N 72° 54'W) A large farmhouse building south of the Yew Prison, on the coast. Unlike the other spawn points, this Fruit Basket can be picked up or eaten to produce a basket.

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