13th Anniversary Fruit Basket

Fruit basket.png

The 13th Anniversary Fruit Basket is a bonus gift item that comes with every gift item claimed from a 13th Anniversary gift ticket. Characters were given these tickets at the end of October 2010 with Publish 68.3.

Double-clicking on the fruit basket will not consume it, as is typical with normal Fruit Baskets, but instead pop up a 13th anniversary message from one of the developers. Strangely, the message will not appear if the character is hidden. Anniversary Fruit Baskets also have Security Settings, like containers.

Messages from the 13th Anniversary Fruit Basket

  • In honor of your service to...Oh look, Saltpeter! Mine. - Kerlean
  • After thirteen years of rough seas, what storm does this calm portend? - MrsTroubleMaker
  • Thank you for being with us on the thirteenth anniversary of Ultima Online's launch. - The UO Team
  • I kill because I care!! - Mesanna
  • Ogers! - Misk
  • We love order, but Britannia is always chaotic. But, no problem. Everything is fine. This is UO and thirteen-year history proves it. - Wasia

(JPN: 昔も今も変わらずブリタニアは混沌としていますが、今やこれこそがUOの持ち味なのかもしれません。 13年間の皆様のご愛顧と忍耐に感謝いたします。)

  • If you kill one man you are a murderer. If you can kill them all with a double click, then you're a developer. - Logrus
  • We don't really nerf, we alter for completely evil and selfish reasons... - Uriah
  • Remember to make it feel UO-ey! - Krunchi
  • See you on the Battlefield! - Drake
  • There can be no order without chaos. - Supreem
  • Thirteen years of Ultima Online: now it's a lifestyle! - Phoenix
  • Sometimes it takes more than skill,"all kill". - Bleak
  • Forest fires prevent bears. - Axel
  • This card will self-destruct in 13 seconds. - Argyle
  • UO is finally a teenager. Everyone commence with the adolescent humor! Thanks for playing. - Shade
  • Evil will always triumph because Good... is... dumb! - TheGrimmOmen

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