Clean Up Britannia (2011-Present)

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Clean Up Britannia, as the original Clean Up Britannia (1999) and Spring Cleaning 2008 before it, is designed to reduce the load on the shards in order to maintain acceptable performance. This cleaning event is a hybrid between the two aforementioned cleaning events. Players place items they no longer desire into house trash barrels or public trash receptacles. Once the item is deleted (public trash receptacles are immediate; house trash barrels are three minutes), the character that threw it away is awarded points. All of the trash containers has a context menu entry to appraise items to get their approximate point value to see if they are worth throwing away. These points are then redeemed from cleanup officers near New Haven bank or West Britain Bank (Trammel and Felucca) and near the central fountain in New Magincia (Trammel and Felucca).

Warning: These points are stored on the character that threw the item(s) away and there appears to be no way to transfer/trade them. Therefore, it is best to do all of your cleaning with a single character and always sell/trade items with a point value before throwing them away.

  • For item trash value see:

Clean Up Item Table

  • For trash rewards see:

Clean Up Rewards

This is no longer an "event" but an on going part of the game. Some rewards may change through various publishes. So far only the dye pigments change per publish.

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