Melissa's Cloak

Melissa's Cloak.png

Melissa's Cloak is an Artifact cloak, the first cloak with the property of additional durability. It has +5% fire resistance but cannot be enhanced. It can be blessed using a Clothing Bless Deed, and can also be dyed. The cloak will lose durability as any other piece of equipment and can be repaired. However Powder of Fortifying can not be used on it.

It was obtained by fighting Melissa the Servant of Nosfentor at the end of the Royal Council Massacre investigation and dropped into the backpack of anyone who got looting rights. This event was Part IV of the larger event arc Warriors of Destiny.

A bug initally existed in which the cloak erroneously behaved like Powder of Fortification. Double-clicking the cloak brought up a target cursor and asked which item to fortify. The target would gain 10 durability and the cloak would be destroyed. This bug was fixed in the update following Publish 54.

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