Ricardo the Thief

Ricardo awaiting trial

Ricardo is an Npc, specifically a thief, who was a key figure in both the Inu plotline (the prologue chapter of the Warriors of Destiny event cycle) and in the In the Shadow of Virtue event cycle.

Character Overview, and Storyline Importance

When Inu the Crone was imprisoned by her enemies, a legendary lockpicker was needed to get her out, and Ricardo, a long-time resident of Buccaneer's Den in Felucca, was the only one around. However, his assistance was difficult to obtain and came at a price.

Ricardo went into Terathan Keep to steal from the Terathans. He was captured and imprisoned by them. The players were able to rescue him by distracting the Terathans. During his escape from the Terathans, he decided to do a little stealing from the Ophidians as well. He stole what they called their "artificed scion," a sacred crown that, to them, represented the future of their race.

They reacted to the theft with a prolonged assault on our cities that has come to be known as the Ophidian War. Their assaults were eventually repelled, and Ricardo opened the door to Inu the Crone's cell, thus enabling her to be rescued.

Though stealing from Ophidians, or any other monster, is not typically considered a crime, it can be considered one when it starts a major war that leaves many people dead, and this was the case with Ricardo. He was arrested and then persecuted in Court by Casca. Evidence against him was partly obtained by players, and his trial was a live, in-game event that could be attended by players, either "live" or in reenacted form. (Meaning that players not present when the event first took place could still witness it.)

Ricardo was awaiting his execution as the Warriors of Destiny event cycle ended but eventually received a pardon from Queen Dawn for his help in a battle against the Shadowlords. After the war he remained one of her advisors until he went mad. Temporarily he vanished then later, mysteriously, he was found wandering alone on Fire Island, covered in blood (not his own). He then was placed yet again in Yew Prison for the absence of a better facility for those who go mad. [1]

Ricardo became a key character in Britannia's history once again due to his involvement with the Crystal of Duplicity.

During Ricardo's madness and second internment in Yew Prison a series of journals that he wrote was uncovered, which detail his research into the Crystal of Duplicity and Lord British's Vault. Following clues the journals could be discovered and read by players, as part of the interactive quest/event In the Shadow of Virtue - Lost and Found Part 3. Queen Dawn eventually knocked down the walls in the castle to open the vault in order to retrieve the crystal, but shortly afterwards the crystal vanished during what appeared to be a Bane Chosen attack. Around the same time Ricardo disappeared from Yew prison. From later events it was clear that the Bane Chosen did not succeed in obtaining the crystal, instead it came into the possession of Ricardo, so we could guess that Ricardo may have seen and seized an opportunity to steal the crystal before it could fall into the wrong hands.

During the memorial service for Queen Dawn, Virtuebane appeared and stole the Crystal of Duplicity from Ricardo. After Virtuebane is defeated, it is revealed that Ricardo learned about the plans of the Virtuebane during the first formation of the Bane Chosen army, leading to the demon lord placing a curse on him to prevent him from revealing what he knew. He is declared sane again by a group of healers at the end of the In the Shadow of Virtue event cycle.

Inu Storyline


Ricardo responded to specific keywords when said near him:

  • Trial: A few months ago I would not have worried, but my luck lately...
    • Your Luck: I think I contracted a curse or something. Damn gypsies.
      • Curse/Gypsies: Don't worry. I am not sending anyone out on a quest.
        • Quest: Sorry, no adventure can save me this time. I must face this myself.
          • Adventure: I think this might be my last adventure. I never thought it would end.
            • Never Thought: Don't worry. I haven't completely lost hope. I have an angle.
              • Angle: Of course I won't tell you.
  • Lost Hope: Depending on the defender they assign me, maybe even a real chance.
    • Defender: Yeah, my old defender Jamos did not work out so well.
      • Jamos: Well, not the defense I would have chosen, but he did his best. I guess.
        • Chosen: Now that old dog has himself locked up as well.
          • Locked up as well: Yes, and with quite a bit more privacy, sprinkled with less humiliation.
            • Humiliation: No need to rub it in.
  • Scion/Zenith: Over such a small thing! Honestly if that is all it took...
    • All it took: They would have fought over anything. The Zenith was just a scapegoat.
  • Court: not too bad as far as courtooms go, I can't complain.
    • Complain: You know you've messed up big time when you end up here.
      • Messed: Messed up because I got caught, or messed up because I did wrong?
        • Wrong: I'll leave that decision up to you.
  • Casca: We had a nice chat. Smart Guy. I hope a castle falls on him.
    • Castle: I jest of course. *smiles*
  • Judge: Can you put in a good word for me?
    • Good Word: Anything will help.
  • Yew: Nice town, but I've spent too much time here already.

Later, he's located in a moving stage south of Brit moongate on the road:

  • Ricardo: Hey! Help me get out of here, and I will repay you ten times over!
    • Get Out: The key to this cell has to be on a guard or something! Find it!
  • Bandit: Oh no! Villains completely unknown to me are ambushing us!
  • Brigand
  • J: How unfortunate! We are being assaulted for absolutely no reason!
  • R: We will be stolen away against our will! Blamed for escaping no doubt.
  • J: I will bear witness. We are but helpless victims here.
  • R: Aye, completely powerless to prevent our imminent abduction.
  • J: Completely.
  • Innocence
  • J: Exactly. My client is wrongfully imprisoned.
  • R: I'm innocent! This is simply a trumped up accusation!
  • J: Probably nothing more than a nobleman bribing judges for petty revenge.

  • Nobleman
  • J: If we were of noble blood this debacle would never have happened.
  • R: This is the rich oppressing the poor!
  • J: This is the most grievous case of oppression that I can recall.
  • R: That is a good angle, lets use that.
  • J: Patience my friend. Let us see how this current angle plays out.

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