BNN: Mondain's Legacy

September 4, 2009

I, Dexter, continue this work of history by my own hand, writing only that which is known unto me.

Herein I shall expound upon the great legacy of Mondain, the secret that brought the platinum dragons to our aid. For what could compel those most ancient wyrms, avatars of age and power, to help the weak and inferior races of men and elves?

Oh, some shall say, that these great dragons are simply altruistic, the embodiment of good without motive to question. They speak as though these beings, whose intelligence dwarfs our own, could be cast into only one simple mold. This is folly, and an insult to these great immortals who fought so valiantly alongside our own lines to defeat their crimson brethren.

Some shall say the threat was never the Shadowlords, but simply the crimson dragons.

Nay, the threat was real.

For the Shadowlords had not simply feasted upon the suffering of the world for their own gluttony. No, they had discovered a greater power, and in their avarice sought it to the very extinction of all life upon our world.

The Three, those cursed in name, had begun creating a Gem of Immortality even as Mondain had so long ago. They had found, after great effort, a ruby gem capable of harnessing the power of our beautiful sun, and in their vileness corrupted it: feeding it hatred, cowardice, and lies.

This they had done in world after world, binding them time after time, consuming their power and leaving it to wither and perish.

And when those Three were defeated, what was left of their wretched mortal shells but shards of the very same Gem? A Gem forged on a distant world, long dead…

No, the dragons have returned to Britannia, and their claim to this world is as strong, if not stronger, than our own. They fought to save this world, and we, we are but a small part in their plans.

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