BNN: Platinum Dragons

March 25, 2009

Swords clashed in combat between two humans – one male standing 6’2" and a female around 5’7". The young man was wearing typical battle gear, bright chrome armor lined with golden hues that seemed to fit every curve of his muscled physic. The young woman, who seemed to be matching every strike he put towards her, was almost identically dressed with the same style chrome armor. The two combatants were engaging each other in almost harmonious melee combat, neither one losing footing to the other.

A few feet away, a dark cloaked figure seemed to be presiding over the contest. Without motion, nor words the figure stood perfectly still. In this stoic state the figure monitored every step, swing, and motion of these two.

"Valec!" came the soft but obvious yell from the young woman towards the man in a voice that almost sang as she spoke. Pausing from her combat she now looked for an answer from the seemingly distracted man. For some reason, Valec lowered his sword and now stood in front of his sparring partner looking down at the ground as if focused on something far away. "What is it?" She pryed.

Valec’s eyes were fixed upon the ground and his free hand opened wide as if he felt something radiating from the foundation beneath him. His beautiful fingers quivered slightly.

"Tilas, someone approaches..." Valec responded to his companion. "And something is very wrong." A worried look twisted his face and pursed his lips.

The cloaked figure who had until this moment not moved a hairs breath now stepped forward towards the pair, pulling down the hood of the cloak, it was clear, the figure was a beautiful yet aged woman with waist length silver hair. She was dressed in armor like the two called Valec and Tilas but seemed that she had no need of a sword.

"Good young one, you are learning to be aware of your surroundings while in combat, but tell me, how do you know something is wrong?" she asked the young man.

Looking up at his mentor Valec replied "The footfall - it’s hasteful for a dragon of our brood, not only that but, the wind it moves with him – a sign of trouble."

"Is that all?" She asked as she looked at him with mildly inquisitive eyes and a bright smile. Then turning her gaze and smiling at the young woman who now seemed to be concentrating her thoughts to the full extent of her abilities as if not to be outdone by her friend.

"I do feel something but, it’s the spirit aura, this dragon’s magic, it’s shaking almost, I can sense it." The young woman Tilas’s face now showed small signs of being slightly proud of herself. But her pride lasted only for an instant, as the realization seemed to drop upon her shoulders with great weight. She now shared the look of worry her partner had before.

"Good Tilas, Good Valec, both of you, when you learn to sense all these things at all times, even in your sleep, then you will have progressed to my liking," the older woman responded.

Quiet crackles like steel sparks dancing in the air emerged from the skin of the older woman. A magical aura glowing dark blue, purple and silver glistened around her body and hummed with intensity while giving new form to her. Within little more time than it takes an Ophidian to blink an eye, the once human woman transformed into an immense Platinum Dragon Matriarch.

She was adorned with elaborate horns ending in perfect points, a blue sheened chest plate with assorted jewels covered and protected her front, and a matching jeweled head plate of armor that had a cut away to accommodate for the large frilled ridge that lined her forehead and continued down her back sat high upon her massive head. Her shoulders would easily clear four sturdy human men – if they stood each on the other’s shoulder.

The two younger dragons followed suit after their mentor, calling forth the proper magics needed to undo the spell that held their human transformation intact. Now the draconic combatants in their true form, while not nearly as large nor decorated as the elder female, still an impressive sight to behold two young platinum dragons as they stood behind their mentor awaiting the arrival of another.

The rush of wind Valec had predicted arrived with a flurry as a fourth dragon finished his approach towards the group. This one was larger in size than Tilas and Valec but obviously not the same stature as the Matriach. Giving a revered bow towards the older female, the adult male platinum dragon with a concerned look upon his face spoke.

"The Crimson dragons have found a way to return home."

Silence fell upon the group. Each individual seemed to be reviewing the statement "The Crimson dragons have found a way to return home." It seemed as if everyone there suddenly understood some disturbing fate.

"Aesthyron, what will we do?" Tilas addressed her teacher by her name with a mixed display of concern and fear.

A gentle smile pulled away the lips that covered rows of gleaming teeth into a crescent moon as Aesthyron’s eyes quietly closed and her head tilted down. The massive elder Aesthyron seemed to comfort the young ones by her calm presence. All eyes looked to her for guidance.

"We will consult with the elders." Pausing for a moment with a heavy inhale of her massive lungs she spoke again softly, "My precious young ones, you do not know of the lands from which the elder of our brood came nor why for more than 300 years, most of you have never seen battle despite the daily training – the lands from which we came from are now called Britannia – though it was not always named as such. If our wayward Crimson brethren have left this void for that home there can be only one purpose for their return. They intend to conquer the lands. Conquest, power, treasures, these are the motivations of your lost cousins. Britannia still hosts bountiful life. The Crimsons will pay no heed to this fact, in order to achieve their goals they will slay every living creature that stands in their way."

Valec’s eyes seemed to flicker with intense blue light at hearing this information. Restrained anger presented in his voice "So, the land of our ancestors is going to be ravaged." Valec paused for a moment.

"Would you defend that land if there were a way?" said a young woman as she walked into the group of dragons. The petite woman seemed to come from nowhere and walked among the giants as if she felt no fear. Her ebon hair flowed from under her black and blue shimmering cloak, gently kissing the ground beneath her as she glided to the center of the meeting.

"Lady Bryxion..." Tilas called to the woman as if she were asking for confirmation.

"The portal with which the Crimson brood has entered Sosaria has not been completely shut." She smiled "It seems that it was kept open ever so slightly after the Lord of the Crimson flight left it; I leave it to you to decide what you will do with this information."

With a formal bow Lady Bryxion disappeared like a shadow.

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