BNN: Salvation

March 29, 2009

Our Lord Casca, ruler of the realm, bids all Britannia to hear, and have the following news be made known to them:

Let it be known that after great struggle and sacrifice, Lord Casca has personally shattered the wicked artifact that weakened the world’s magical barriers, allowing invasion into our fair lands.

Let it be known that he is thankful to all who aided the effort, in both the defense of our cities and to those who demonstrated their loyalty in the assault on the hidden lair of our cowardly enemies.

Let it be known that Clainin, of the royal court, master magician, yet lives! His survival warms the heart of our liege, who, having ensured Clainin’s protection from nefarious villainy, has entrusted him into the hands of Britannia’s finest soldiers while he recovers.

Soon, our greatest wizard will return to our ranks, ready to stand against the tide of darkness, ready to strike down with brimstone and flame all who dare oppose that which is right and true!

Rejoice, Oh Britannia! Though the final battle is yet to be won, our salvation is nigh!

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