Battered Bucklers

Battered Bucklers is a new player quest found in the southern mountains of New Haven and begins with Gervis the Blacksmith Trainer.



Hey there! Yeah... you! Ya' any good with a hammer? Tell ya what, if yer thinking about tryin' some metal work, and have a bit of skill, I can show ya how to bend it into shape. Just get some of ingots and a hammer and use it over here at this forge. You can always buy ingots at the market, but I highly suggest that you mine yer own. You can either make a smith's hammer yerself if ya have the tinkering skill, or buy it from a tinker at the market. I need a few more bucklers hammered out to fill this here order with... hmmm about ten more. That'll give some taste of how to work the metal.


Thanks for the help. Here's something for ya to remember me by.


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