This quest is given out by Quartermaster Flint in the Underworld.


Travel into the Underworld and find the Flint's stolen logbook. Return to Flint with the Logbook for your reward.


Ye will not be believin' what misfortune has befallen me now! No sooner have I gotten me Barley back, those goblins have gone and taken me log book! How in the two dimensions am I supposed to keep up with all of tha supplies with no log book? Of course, those lay about guard dinna see anything!

Listen, ye 've been a blessin' to ol' Flint in tha past so I wanta make ye another offer. If'n ye will bring ol' Flint's book back ta 'im, I will give ye a keg o' me special brew!


'Tis a fine thing to do to a friend in need! But so be it. 'Tis not the first time today ol' Flint has been let down. Won't be the last.


Obtain 1 Flint's Logbook


A Keg of Flint's Pungent Brew


'Ave ye laid hold to ol' Flint's log book did ye? Let me 'ave a look here! Bloomin' savages! They dog eared one o' the pages and bent the corner o' me cover! Blast! Well, that's not fer you to be worryin' about. Here be yer pay as promised a keg of me brew far yer own. This keg is special made by me own design, ye can use it to refill that bottle I gave ye. My brew is too strong for normal bottles, so I hope ye listened to ol' Flint and kept that bottle!

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