Brazier (veteran reward)

Short, Unlit
Short, Lit
Tall, Unlit
Tall, Lit

A Brazier is a 6th year veteran reward that comes in deed form that when used will randomly produce either a tall or short brazier. The brazier can be lit to activate a burning flame animation by double-clicking if the player's account is 72 months or older. Braziers provide light and can be used as a Heat Source with the Cooking skill. While only a player account at least 72 months or older may claim or light a brazier, once created the brazier can be traded or locked down by anyone.

The brazier is created by using the deed which then presents a menu from which to choose the desired brazier type.

The veteran reward brazier should not be confused with the much more common and lesser valued Brazier (artifact) which appears very similar but is medium in height and may be obtained with the Stealing skill in the dungeon Doom.


  • Becomes a deco item that can be locked down by anyone
  • Can be used by player of the appropriate age to start the fire animation
  • Is a heat source
  • Cannot be dyed with a Furniture Dye Tub
  • When first introduced, the brazier deed awarded a random brazier from the two choices. Only with Publish 57 several months later was a menu added allowing the player to choose the brazier type they preferred.

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