Field Carrots

Carrots are a crop vegetable. They can be purchased from certain town farmers, found growing in certain fields, and as loot on two creatures, the Vorpal and Fire bunnies.

They are edible, stackable, and weigh 1 stone each. Carrots cannot be created with the Create Food magery spell.

Special Carrots

During the 2009 Holiday Season, Solstice of the White Hart dropped special carrots, among other items, named Special Reindeer Treat. Allegedly, some of the carrots were re-hued or GM tagged with "Crafted by Solstice of the White Hart".

Wild Locations

  • Cove Field - 41°35'N 63°21'E
  • Skara Brae Field - 55°27'S, 35°5'W

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