Catskills:The Dark Tower

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The Dark Tower

  • Owner: The Children of Darkness
  • Shard: Catskills
  • Facet: Malas
  • Coordinates: 32°20 N, 1°24 E
  • Directions: The Dark Tower is located on the Malas facet, just west of the city of Umbra in the old abandoned orc fort right before you get to the Malas Mountain Pass.
  • Type: Guild Headquarters of the Children of Darkness in Vamp's Lair
  • Operational Status: Open to Guild Members Only
  • Roleplay: Required


The Dark Tower is the central headquarters for members of the coven. It is also where our family entertains guests in a more private manner than that of the tavern or other more public buildings of the city. The Dark Tower is also a gateway to the underground system of dwellings for our sun-sensitive members that we refer to as "The Catacombs". This building features a common room made for entertainment, but also houses the offices where our Governors deal business as well as strategize on oppositions or territorial conquests. The second floor is also where our workers craft the goods that our members need. The third and fourth (roof) floors are the living quarters for the de Romanus family.


1st Floor: The Common Room

This common room is made for entertaining guests. It features a large parlor area with a guest bathroom, a dining area, and a large kitchen. In the alcove by the dining area, there is a secret trap door that leads members of the coven to the underground system known as "The Catacombs".

2nd Floor: Governor's Office & Workspace

The second floor is for guild members. The Governor's Office is adjacent to the Strategy Room (which features world map on the wall and as well as a table top map). Next to that is the soulforge followed by the workspace and storage area.

3rd Floor: The Romanus Apartment

The Governors, Pandora and Marius de Romanus, have a public apartment for their everyday living. It features a sitting area, a bathroom, a master suite, and a conjoined bedroom for their twin adopted girls. This is in addition to the private apartment they have deep within the Catacombs, a secret place underneath the city.

4th Floor: Rooftop Garden Centre

The lady of the house enjoys keeping a garden center in the rooftop of the tower.


Guest Parlor & Dining Areas
Governor's Offices & Workspace
Personal Apartment
Rooftop Garden


The Dark Tower is located in Vamp's Lair (known publicly as just The Lair), a player-ran city owned and operated by the Children of Darkness guild. It is building number 7 in our overhead diagram to the right. The other buildings surrounding the tower are: The City Court and Jail, The Encyclopedia Britannia, The Millennium Nightclub, The Church of the Sun, the Reprieve for Resting Souls, and the famous Bloody Brew Tavern. Vamp's Lair is conviniently located in the abandoned orc fort just east of the Malas Mountain Pass, a short distance from the city of Umbra.


The guild headquarters has had two different names throughout it's history. The very first of course was famously known as "The Spirit Tower", located at the foot of the Shrine of Spirituality, pre-Trammel and was erected on December 3rd, 1997. It was the first full effort of the guild to fund a bigger home than the small houses we occupied behind what was then Lord Blackthorn's castle in Britain. When the Siege of Trinsic happened, Minax then desecrated the shrines, which forced us to rename the guild tower to "The Dark Tower". When the release of Trammel saw many of our members retire, we still kept the tower for years to come. Now, that the Children of Darkness have resettled in Sosaria (after an 8 year hiatus, playing other MMO's) on January 2010 in the moon of Malas, we once again built a tower that would reflect the same spirit as the original tower and named it after such.

But, we did not relinquish our right to the original Spirit Tower in Felucca. It is now known as "The Death Tower" and it is where all our PvP events with our sister guild (unknown to most) operates out of.


Zoe Marchand is the resident curator and messenger. Our guild members use her to keep abridged of all the latest happenings in the lands of Sosaria and with our own coven.


All of our vampires, half-breeds, and lycans are under the complete facade of the masquerade (hidden from true view). No player can "sense" or otherwise absolutely know for certain that we are downworlders, unless shown to be so.