Catskills:Vamp's Lair

The Children of Darkness owns a series of establishments open to ALL Catskills players as part of the city called, Vamp’s Lair or just simply "The Lair" found west of the city of Umbra. We ask that all folks just be respectful and mind other visitors. Below are the rules for all players visiting CoD’s primary city — Vamp’s Lair, often referred to as just "the Lair".

Premise Rules

1) No PvP is allowed while in the buildings, unless it is part of the RP.
2) CoD members MUST remain ‘in masquerade’ at all times when mortals are present.
3) No player can "sense" or otherwise absolutely know for certain that we are supernatural, unless shown to be so. If you traditionally RP a "sense undead" character, we respectfully ask that you do not use it around our members.
4) Events do have targeted audiences, please follow the rules for each listed event held within the buildings.
5) If an event is for RP’ers only, non-RP’ers that seek to disrupt such events will be temporarily banned. If you do not normally RP and run into RP'ers, please try to keep it cordial.
7) All visitors and citizens should be friendly towards one another, unless it is part of the RP.
8) These are CoD-owned buildings, thus CoD players have the right to govern the buildings and events held within them accordingly.


(1) Britain Public Library of Umbra - The library of the city, a satelitte member of the Britain Public Library, featuring the stories of the Children of Darkness of Catskills, in all forms, as well as the histories and encounters with other wordly beings

(2) The Millennium Nightclub — one of the main focal points of the city is the nightclub known as the “Millennium”. Once a month on a Friday we hold “LADIES NIGHT” where ladies get in free and drink free all night. Each month there is a special feature so look for that on our Events Calendar.

(3) The Church of the Sun — Vamp’s Lair main center is the Church. Featuring an actual, functioning church this establishment is mostly used for weddings, parties, and other social events. Do not forget to visit the Bridal Room on the first floor for all our wedding attire changing needs. The Church also boasts a reception hall, called the Hall of Dreams, as well as a beautiful rooftop garden — where you could have a garden-style wedding.

(4) The Reprieve for Resting Souls — Vamp’s Lair has a graveyard for its fallen members. The myth that vampires cannot be killed is just that… a myth. Vampires often die to their own wills, and can be killed by other vampires in what is known as a “blood hunt”, by rival sects or even by order of the leaders of their own. This reprieve was made to honor those that the Children of Darkness considered to be “gone too soon”.

(5) Haven House Inn — A charming inn called Haven House, which rents rooms to visitors of the city.

(6) The Bloody Brew — A small, quaint little tavern that is great to just kick up the feet and relax, and mingle with other guests. The Bloody Brew is the perfect place to discuss politics, drain your sorrows, or vent your anger. Edwin, our tavernkeep, seems to be there 24/7, a complete workaholic. We can’t get him to go home! You will find a small diner on the second floor, where Chef Olin can make you a perfect meal. There is also a guest room with a bathroom should you find you had a wee bit too much fun the evening prior.

(7) The Dark Tower — CoD’s official headquarters is the Dark Tower. The Dark Tower features a nice, cozy reception area and also has several rooms that are private offices and meeting rooms for the guild’s members. It is also the single point of entrance to the underground housing system that we call the Catacombs (fictional).

(8) Villa Vizcaya - The private residence of High Council Member of the Children of Darkness, Baron Armand de Romanus and his wife the Baroness Merida Douglas Romanus.

(9) A Thousand Ways Park - The teleporter house that leads to other known territories under the Romanus' Family holdings.

(10) The Gateway Park - The teleporter house right on Umbra Street, before the mountain pass, that will take passerby visitors to the city of Vamp's Lair (linked to A Thousand Ways Park), to the city of West Umbra (linked to The Cityscape Park), as well as the city of East Britain (linked to Cindervale Square).

Weekly Public Events

Public events we hold every week are:
» Thursdays @ 9 PM EST, the Bloody Brew Tavern is Open for RP Only interactions. If you come during this night, you must be in full character. Usually closes by 10:30 – 11 PM EST.

Other Public Events

Planned public events that are often recurring every month are:
» First Sunday of Each Month @ 10 PM EST, Market Day at the Trade Center in the city of Umbra, opens at 8 PM EST and runs until about 9:30-10:00 PM EST. Market Day is the opportunity to sell your wares "in character" on the fair trade market to visitors, passerby’s, and faithful clients alike. For this event, our merchants receive a base salary. The in person trades will be payable in SILVER.

» The Full Moon’s Ball – Once a quarter we hold the Full Moon’s Ball for all the citizens of Sosaria to enjoy. So, dress up in your fanciest attire, come and mingle, and drink the finest imported and home-brewed selections that Sosaria has to offer! Most often held in the great city of Umbra, at the Necromantic Amphitheatre.

» The Lover's Dance – On or near February 14th, we also don the best dresses to attend the Lover's Dance. A ball created specially for the couples to share their love and openly cut up the dance floor. Often held in Vamp's Lair, but sometimes held in other venues that showcase our love for the lands of Sosaria.

» St. Patrick's Day Celebration – On or near March 17th, the Bloody Brew hosts special fun festivities and contests. So bring your best GREEN to enjoy the party!

» Halloween's Masquerade Ball – On or near October 31st, we get together to hide ourselves from others and put on a show. Choose the best costume and dress to impress!!! Most often held in the city of Umbra, at the Necromantic Amphitheatre or even at times at the Necromancer's Arena.

» New Year's Day Ball – Usually held every year on January 1st at the Millenium Nightclub. Just another reason to throw a big party!

Special Events

Yes, you know VL wouldn’t be VL without our famous special events…

» THE BLOOD HUNT (VAMPIRES ONLY) A bounty-hunter style tournament that will have any vamp from Catskills searching the span of the globe to find and kill your target!!! 1 mil or more for the first to bring back the rogue vamp’s head!