Catskills:Trade Center of Umbra

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The Trade Center of Umbra

  • Owner: The Children of Darkness
  • Shard: Catskills
  • Facet: Malas
  • Coordinates: 32°20 N, 1°24 E
  • Directions: The Trade Center is located on the Malas facet, directly west of the city of Umbra just past the West Gate Bridge.
  • Type: Market, Workplace, and Merchant Headquarters for the city of Umbra
  • Operational Status: Open
  • Roleplay: Required
  • Accepted Currency: Silver


The Trade Center of Umbra is owned and operated by the Children of Darkness, through their Trade and Commerce Commission of Umbra [TCCU] divison. The Lady Pandora sits as the chairwoman of the board, while Jonas Callahan is the President. Through this endeavor, both the Children and the citizens of Umbra hope to re-establish the city as a trade-centric, profit-generating part of the Sosarian economy. Booths are available for rent to merchants desiring a centralized location to sell their wares for silver pieces during our special Market Days, which are open to all visitors twice a month. Workrooms are available for the use of all our merchants. Any merchant wishing to rent a space, should submit their application in the drop mailbox at the Trade Center.

The Trade and Commerce Commission of Umbra [TCCU] also maintains the Trade Center of Luna. The TCCU Mall of Umbra is restricted to "hired help" (aka. player-ran vendors), and any member of the community seeking to install their hired help there can do so free of charge just as long as there are available space. The Mall is found in West Umbra, just a few steps from the Trade Center itself alongside Umbra Ave.


1st Floor: Merchant Booths & Workrooms

When you first come upon the Trade Center, the foyer of the building is an open foorplan with Merchant Booths that are available for rent during our famous Market Day, which occurs twice a month. Behind this foyer, are the workrooms for blacksmiths, tailors, carpenters, and also features an alchemy lab.

2nd Floor: Merchant Offices & Public Restroom

The floor houses the office of the Trade and Commerce Commission of Umbra along with a public bathroom free to use for all visitors and merchants.

3rd Floor: Merchant Lounge

Should any of our merchants need a break from their long day, the lounge offers a place to sit and have lunch. It features a full kitchen with a dinning area.

4th Floor: Rooftop Garden

The rooftop garden is the area where from our gardeners keep their best plants for sale to the public. The gardeners are able to decorate their areas as they see fit.


Market Booths & Workrooms
Trade Center Offices
Dining Hall for Workers
Rooftop Garden


The Trade Center of Umbra is an extension of the city of Umbra, which has various lease holds out to the Children of Darkness guild. It sits directly west of the main city, across the city's West Bridge. The surrounding buildings, also owned by Children of Darkness, make up what we call "West Umbra". Within the city walls, the Children have leased the Necromantic Amphitheatre, which hosts many of the town's balls and galas, as well the Critter Pens, the Gravedigger's Apparatus, and the Wailing Banshee Inn.


Grand opening day was on July 11th, 2011. Marked by the appearance of EM Adris, and a full load of merchants with all booths being sold out, the market has become the new center of trade for the entire role playing community of Catskills. What we pride on most if the CREATIVITY of our merchants... not all items are "of great use" within the constructs of game mechanics, but items would be of value while in character and of those times. From shoe shops, to book shops, to flower shops, to farmer's markets, to goblin pharmacies, to weaver services, everything you could think of selling you could sell here! Its not about what you sell, but rather how you sell it...

Days of Operation

Usually open every other Monday at 8 PM EST. Market Day is open for all visitors, however we highly encourage all visitors to be in character, as items sold are often creatively invented and thus not of any real value according to game mechanics.


Mr. Jonas Callahan of the city of Umbra serves as President of the Trade and Commerce Commission of Umbra [TCCU]. He hails from Britain where he made his armory business a success, before migrating to the new lands of Malas. He settled in the city of Umbra, where he owns and operates the "Armoury of Souls". He was appointed by the late Queen Dawn to council on merchant operations on behalf of the Crown.

The Lady Pandora, sits on the board of directors as Chair of the TCCU alongside Ate and Amroth. She will often be on hand as well on Market Days. Of course, her influence and her pocket book, are greatly appreciated additions to the city of Umbra.


All of our vampires, half-breeds, and lycans are under the complete facade of the masquerade (hidden from true view). No player can "sense" or otherwise absolutely know for certain that we are downworlders, unless shown to be so.