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A Bank Check is a form of currency that can be created in amounts of up to 1 million gold coins. Regardless of the amount of gold stored in a check form, the check will weigh 1 stone. Introduced March 8, 2000, bank checks were instituted to allow players to carry large sums of gold to facilitate player-to-player trading that was more secure.

Despite years of delay in fixing this problem, checks finally display the amount with comma separators. In the past, many an innocent player has been scammed by a less than virtuous one who hides a 100,000 check amidst 1,000,000 checks during a multi-million gold purchase.

A character may deposit a bank check into their bankbox by dragging the check onto an NPC banker or minter. However, opening the bankbox for a direct transfer is recommended. In terms of purchases directly from a bank check, according to official documents, NPC Bankers no longer accept checks.

Check Creation

  • Note: Checks are no longer available at banks.
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Check Redemption

To cash a check, place it in your bankbox and double-click it.


  • Bank checks of no value can be made and are not worth purchasing.
  • All bank checks are blessed, which means they cannot be looted or stolen.
  • Bank checks cannot be used directly to purchase items from NPC or player vendors.
  • An exploit allowed for the creation of bank checks in amounts greater than 1 million coins, such checks were deleted Insert information here.

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