Client Patch 1.23.31b

This patch was for the Classic Client.


  • Date: August 21, 1997
  • Size: Unknown
  • Notes: None

Patch Notes

Latest Bug Patch:

  • The bug with the trade window serving as an infinite container for carrying items is fixed.
  • The ghost robe is integrated.
  • We've made the skills display show your skills with the stat modifier already calculated into it.
  • Archery buttes work now. You must be precisely lined up with them to practice!
  • We've fixed the bugs in notoriety. Please check the Special Test section for more information!
  • We have moved bow and salute out of .action. They are now macroable actions. If you use them, you will need to set up your own macro for them. .action has been removed.
  • We have also removed .where.
  • We've put in several fixes to stackables, including a problem with stacked items in shops displaying and being sold and bought incorrectly.
  • We have patched the map with the latest changes.
  • We have installed fighting styles. Check the Special Test section for more information!
  • You can put punctuation in house signs now.
  • You no longer use a fish to chop it up; instead you use a bladed item on it.
  • We have slowed skill and stat atrophy by half.
  • We have integrated scaled skill advancement!
  • You now advance better in combat when fighting tough things.
  • You now get better at smithing when attempting to make harder items.
  • You improve more at animal taming by trying to tame difficult creatures.
    • The other implication to this is that if you tame only wimpy things, or only smith easy items, you won't improve. You need to challenge yourself.
  • We fixed a bug with shields and actually made them work!
  • We've added many new guard areas including fixing problems in the Lycaeum, Moonglow, Trinsic, and Yew.
  • Guards now destroy non-player corpses again.
  • Craft tools now wear out. They are not yet repairable.
  • Pets assume their owner's notoriety now.
  • We've made provocation and ordering pets and hirelings to attack use the new notoriety system, so making two scum kill each other actually improves your reputation.
  • We have implemented a etheric link to your body. When you die, the link is weakened. It grows stronger over time, but if you die too many times in a short span, you will be stuck as a ghost until your bond strengthens once again. When you die, there are now messages in the lower left corner of the screen informing you of the state of this link.
  • Musical instruments are now sold by shopkeepers.
  • The dagger is now a piercing weapon.
  • Failure to craft now consumes materials.
  • You can now use ore on ore to combine it. Note that the icons do embody different values; a stack of lots of one icon may not be equivalent to a same-size stack of another icon.
  • Mapmaking now consumes parchment upon occasion.
  • You can not longer use evaluate intelligence on yourself.
  • Pets will now guard your corpse instead of following your ghost if you had ordered them to follow.
  • We changed the book format. There are a few new books as a result, and the text of some has changed some (nothing important, though). Also, book titles should now appear when you click on the book.
  • Ore is no longer purchased by shops; it must be refined into ingots first.
  • We've removed duplicate scrolls in mage starting equipment.
  • ALT-R no longer works for the radar view. Instead, we have made it fully macroable. You will need to set it up on any key you like; select "Overview" to define it.
  • We've fixed bugs with weights on gold, gems, reagents, and other things.
  • Writable books now work.
  • You can no longer put items in the bulletin board. Also, it fully works now.
  • We have changed the stats on some creatures.
  • We fixed the broken sledgehammer.
  • Kindling is now purchased by several shopkeepers.

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