Client Patch 1.23.41b

This patch was for the Classic Client.


  • Date: September 7, 1997
  • Size: Unknown
  • Notes: None

Patch Notes

  • Notoriety changes:
    • An attack that would result in your notoriety going down will indeed make it go down (eg a newbie attacks a newbie).
    • An attack that would result in your notoriety going up will not have any effect (a newbie attacking a vile monster).
    • A kill that would result in your notoriety going down will not have any effect (for example, a newbie attacks you and you vanquish him).
    • A kill that would result in your notoriety going up will indeed have a positive effect (for example, a playerkiller attacks you and you kill him).
    • The change that was in for one day, of notoriety for fights changing only on death, has been replaced by the above.
    • Several bugs with notoriety loss were fixed, making the penalties for snooping, theft, provocation, and a few other actions less.
  • Skill and stat advancement changes:
    • Attributes (strength, dexterity, intelligence) now have an advancement curve, whereby it is ten times harder to advance from 99 to 100 than it is from 10 to 11.
    • Skills have an advancement curve. We fixed a bug whereby everyone on Friday was advancing at the slowest possible rate.
    • Stat and skill atrophy have been drastically slowed.
  • Several fixes were made to starting equipment:
    • Starting shepherd's crooks now work for herding.
    • Starting bladed items (axes, knives, etc) have been fixed.
    • Starting weapons have been changed to be "practice weapons." These weapons are exactly equivalent in damage to each other, and can be wielded by people with the lowest possible starting strength.
  • You can no longer stop guards and other NPCs from fighting by simply talking to them.
  • The following aspects of magic have been adjusted:
    • The following spells are now illegal in towns:
      • Clumsy
      • Feeblemind
      • Weaken
      • Poison
      • Curse
      • Mana drain
      • Paralyze
      • Mass curse
      • Mana vampire
      • Earthquake
    • The Explosion spell will actually do damage now.
    • Summon spells should now make the summoned creature your pet.
    • Various magic item effects have been fixed or tweaked.
  • New art for various interface windows: trading, color picker, and selector.
  • A weight bug with carpentry items being chopped up in the backpack was fixed.

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