Consecrate Weapon

Words of Power - Consecrus Arma
Mana Cost 10 Chivalry-consecrate.jpg
Minimum Skill 15.0
Tithing Points 10
Duration 5 - 11 Seconds
Area of Effect Caster
Description Temporarily enchants the weapon the caster is currently wielding. Consecrate Weapon provides a scaling chance to do damage against the targets weakest resist type. The effect is 100% chance at 80 Chivalry and approximately 50% chance at 50 Chivalry. At 90 Chivalry or more, Consecrate Weapon also offers a 1% Damage Increase per 2 points in Chivalry above 90 skill, in addition to optimal damage type (5% Damage Increase bonus at 100, 10% at 110 and 15% at 120 Chivalry). Duration of the effect is affected by the caster's Karma, resulting in 5-11 seconds.

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