Crafted Jewelry

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Tinkers are able to create Jewelry for your Characters to wear. While most of the choices available offer no Item Properties, they do come with a special name according to the type of Gem used, and retain the color of the Ingots used to craft them with.

Standard crafted jewelry requires 40 points of Tinkering Skill, 2 Ingots and 1 Gem of the chosen type. Oddly enough such items sell to NPC Vendors for far less then unprocessed gems do, leaving them as cheap role-playing costume material.

Jewel Types Gem Types

Magic Jewelry

Also available to Tinkers is a selection of jewels that are guaranteed to have certain properties attached to them. Unfortunately, even when crafted at the Exceptional level the results very seldom live up to the cost involved in their creation.

Bracelets Rings

Artifact Jewelry

These three items require extremely rare Recipes in order to craft, along with high amounts of Tinkering skill. Furthermore, the Resources required are of some difficulty to collect. However, as Artifacts, the end products are of quite some value.

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