Earring Slot

The Earring Slot refers to one of the 19 Equipment Slots on the Paperdoll. Items that occupy the Earring Slot are, surprisingly, earrings. Gold earrings can be purchased from NPC Jewelers. Tinkers can create 9 different types of decorative earrings. And a set introduced as part of Spring Cleaning 2008 impart Night Sight.

Pre Age of Shadows

Earrings can, and do, have modifications (mods) on them. These items are from the period prior to Ultima Online: Age of Shadows (AoS) and the mods are charge-based. Charge-based items included far more than just earrings, (e.g., rings, body sashes, weapons, staves, etc). While the charged properties included far more than the following, the following has been confirmed: Agility; Bless; Invisibility; Magic Reflection; Paralyze; Protection; and Teleport.

A February 2008 market survey revealed the following pre-AoS earrings available for purchase:

Type Charge Property Price Shard
Gold Earrings Invisibility Charges: 15 150,000 Catskills
Gold Earrings Invisibility Charges: 28 625,000 Napa Valley
Gold Earrings Magic Reflection Charges: 7 1,000 Sonoma
Gold Earrings Feeblemind Charges: 1 50,000 Atlantic

Post Age of Shadows

Currently, no earrings spawn or drop that have item properties, save for the blessed property. Earrings with charge-based properties are still in existence and fetch a high price. However, these charge-based items are from the period prior to the Age of Shadows and no longer spawn.

Current Earrings

Wearable, but the weight?

The following earrings are routinely seen at auctions and retail establishements:

Transparent Heart

A current quest reward for completing the Honest Beggar quest given by Evan the Beggar are the decorative earrings, A Transparent Heart. They are blue and blessed, but contain no other modifications.


Based on information collected from 15 shards in February of 2008, the following is price data for A Transparent Heart earrings:

  • Lowest: 14,999 Gold (Origin)
  • Highest: 500,000 Gold (Atlantic)
  • Mean: 82,727 Gold
  • Median: 75,000 Gold
  • Mode: 75,000 Gold
†Minus one shard, which doubled the range (Atlantic).

Heartwood Friendship Earrings
Weight: 1 Stone, Blessed

EM Earrings

  • On shard Legends, a total of 35 Dragon Bone Earrings were given out at EM Events during seasons three and four. They have no modifications and are ice white. However, a forum post by JC the Builder states that there are actually two colors. Retail Dragon Bone Earrings were offered for sale in February of 2008 for slightly less than 50 million gold.
  • Also on shard Legends, a total of 16 Heartwood Friendship Earrings were given out at EM Events during season four. They are blessed, neon green, and have no other modifications.
  • Nothing is known about the earrings below, save that they are on display in a Luna museum on shard Lake Superior.
    Mongbat earrings.jpg


  • A review of various forum posts related to earrings found that:
  1. Crafters would like Tinkers to be able to create earrings with modifications.
  2. Pirates would like special Pirate earrings.
    1. Some want modifications, with Luck being mentioned specifically.
    2. Others want to equip a single, large gold hoop earring in one ear only.
  3. Several posters want to see Reading Glasses assigned to the earring slot.

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