Help:Creating an Item Page

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Here is a step-by-step process that can be followed to add new pages to UOGuide about items.

Select Page Name

Select the page name. For example, if you are going to create a page on a Marble Table, then put the URL into your web browser and go to it. Press the "Edit this page" link that appears on the page to begin creating it.

Add Content

Now it is time to fill out the content of the page. Refer to the Help:Contents page for information on how to format your data. You can do it anyway you like. If you want to see how some example pages click the following links. Visit the "Edit" tab at the top of each page to see how they are designed. Don't be afraid to copy, paste, and edit it for your new page.


Main article: Help:Images

Adding images to your page is quick and easy. Simply add the following code to where you want the image to display:

  • [[File:Your_image_name.type]]

Your image will then appear in that page after it is uploaded. There are further modifiers you can add for images:

  • [[File:Your_image_name.type|frame]]
    • Creates a frame around your image
  • [[File:Your_image_name.type|thumb]]
    • Creates a thumbnail image which will show the full size when clicked on
  • [[File:Your_image_name.type|frame|left]]
    • Moves the frame/thumb to the left or center of the page
  • [[File:Your_image_name.type|frame|Some description text goes here]]
    • Adds text directly below your image frame/thumb. Has to be last in the syntax.


Adding category tags to your page is important so they can be organized into collections. Here are a list of useful categories to add to your pages:

  • {{Categorize|EM_Items_Season_1}} or [[Category:EM Items Season 1]] (replace number with season number)
  • {{Category|Atlantic_Items}} or [[Category:Atlantic Items]] (replace shard name)
  • Visit Special:Categories for a complete list of existing categories
  • If you think of a new category which could be used for many different items, then just add it yourself by using [[Category:new_category_name]]

Once you have finished, press the "Save Page" button.

Upload Images

Once you have the page up, it is time to upload the images if any. Press the Upload file link in the blue menu on the left side, it will take you to the upload form.

Press the "Browse" button and locate the image you want to upload for your page. Highlight it and press the "Open" button. The name of your file will now show up in the "Source filename" box, do not modify it.

When you select your image, the "Destination filename" box will also be filled out with a suggested name. However it is usually better to use a specific naming schema for your files, making it easy to remember. The following method is recommended:

  • Your_image_name.type

There are a few simple ideas behind this schema:

  • All lower case letters, no matter what (except first letter, UOGuide automatically upper cases it)
  • Separate words by underscores
  • Stick to the name of the item, if there are multiple images add a word on the end like on, off, active, etc.

For example, there is 2 pictures of a lantern. They would be named:

  • Lantern_on.jpg
  • Lantern_off.jpg

Repeat this step until you have uploaded all the desired images for your page.


Once your images are uploaded, go back to your page and do a quick review to make sure all information is accurate, images are showing, formatting is how you want it, etc.

Congratulations on your first page addition, and a big thank you from UOGuide.