Help:User Page

When you create an account on UOGuide, every user is assigned a special page for their own use. It is placed in the special User namespace and ready for use.

In the top right corner of every page are links to useful pages. One of those links is your account name. Clicking on your name takes you to your own user page.

Creating Your Page

If this is your first time visiting your user page it will say there is no text for the page. Click the link asking you to edit the page. You will now be in the article editing interface, the same one you see on any UOGuide page. Ideas for what could be on your page:

  • Contact info such as ICQ, email, AIM, etc
  • The name and link to the website of your guild
  • Where you have a vendor
  • A history of your UO accomplishments
  • Pictures of your house

Put in any information you like and submit to create the page. You can distribute and post your page link wherever you like.

If you wish to add images or more than plain text to your page, check out the Help:Contents for easy styling tips. This link is also always available in the left red menu.


An example of renaming your image

If you want to place an image on your personal user page, visit the Special:Upload tool which is linked in the blue menu. We request that you prefix the name of your image with your username. For example if I were to upload an image of my house named tower.jpg, I would rename it jcthebuilder_tower.jpg. This will help keep personal images separate from the rest of the website and prevent naming conflicts.

  • Incorrect: tower.jpg
  • Correct: YOURNAME_tower.jpg

The renaming can take place during upload. After you browse to your image and select it, change the destination filename after it appears.

User Boxes

On many wikis, it is customary to create special boxes on your user page that announce your interests, things about you or achievements. These are called user boxes.

For example, if you play on Atlantic Shard you could indicate this by adding the code {{User Atlantic}} to your page. The following box will appear:

Atlantic.gif This user plays on the Atlantic shard.

You can browse the available User boxes in Category:User Templates

If you want to create a new userbox see Help:Creating a Userbox

Page Protection

In the event that some malicious person tries to vandalize your personal page, the UOGuide staff can enable author protection. This will allow only you the ability to edit your personal page.

If you are worried about vandalism send us a message and we will enable author protect for you.

Removing Page Title

There is a special wiki code you can use to remove the top text from your page. You can insert an image instead or add additional information to the title. Use the __NOTITLE__ command to accomplish this.