Templates are special pages that are created to be inserted into other pages. For example all Monster pages use the {{Creatures}} template to neatly format statistics. To use a template simply surround its name with curly brackets. For example {{Event}} will display:

Mini crystal ball.gif Hear Ye, Hear Ye! This article contains information about an ongoing event.
Content may change dramatically as the event unfolds.

There are different types of templates:

  • Infobox - A template such as {{Event}} which adds an information box to an article.
  • Formating - A template such as {{Creatures}} which is used to neatly format data in a standardized manor.
  • Navigation - A template such as {{Dye Tubs}} that adds an infobox of related pages.
  • Utility - A template such as {{clear}} which performs a function to alter the page or insert special code.

Most Used Templates

Here is a list of the most useful formatting templates on UOGuide.

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