Crystal Portal

The Crystal Portal is a 1st year veteran reward that, when locked down in a player's house, allows characters to speak a destination command to it which will then teleport the character, and any pets, hirelings or other followers, to the destination. For example, saying 'Moonglow Mint' will teleport the character to the mint(bank) in Moonglow.

The item is always usuable by the house owner, as well as others if permissions are set appropriately.

Double clicking the crystal portal will pop open a book which provides instructions on how to use it, provided the player's account is at least 12 months old. Strangely, anyone can use the portal regardless of account age.

For traveling to the Trammel ruleset you simply say the name of the city mint or moongate you want to go to. For traveling to the Felucca ruleset you have to say Fel before the city mint or moongate you want to go to.

As of Publish 69, a corrupted version of the crystal portal named Corrupted Crystal Portal is also available as a 1st year Veteran reward that allows players to teleport to different dungeons.


Locations must be spelled correctly and there is no case sensitivity.

Trammel Banks

[name] Mint

  • Britain Mint
  • Bucs Mint
  • Cove Mint
  • Delucia Mint
  • Haven Mint
  • Jhelom Mint
  • Magincia Mint
  • Minoc Mint
  • Moonglow Mint
  • Nujelm Mint
  • Papua Mint
  • Serpent Mint
  • Skara Mint
  • Trinsic Mint
  • Vesper Mint
  • Wind Mint
  • Luna Mint
  • Umbra Mint
  • Zento Mint
  • Ilshenar Mint

Trammel Moongates

[city] moongate

  • Britain Moongate
  • Haven Moongate
  • Jhelom Moongate
  • Magincia Moongate
  • Minoc Moongate
  • Moonglow Moongate
  • Skara Moongate
  • Trinsic Moongate
  • Vesper Moongate
  • Compassion Moongate
  • Honesty Moongate
  • Honor Moongate
  • Humility Moongate
  • Justice Moongate
  • Sacrifice Moongate
  • Spirituality Moongate
  • Valor Moongate
  • Chaos Moongate
  • Luna Moongate
  • Umbra Moongate
  • Termur Moongate
  • Isamu Moongate
  • Makoto Moongate
  • Homare Moongate

Felucca Banks

Fel [name] Mint

  • Fel Britain Mint
  • Fel Bucs Mint
  • Fel Cove Mint
  • Fel Occlo Mint
  • Fel Jhelom Mint
  • Fel Magincia Mint
  • Fel Minoc Mint
  • Fel Moonglow Mint
  • Fel Nujelm Mint
  • Fel Serpent Mint
  • Fel Skara Mint
  • Fel Trinsic Mint
  • Fel Vesper Mint
  • Fel Wind Mint

Felucca Moongates

Fel [name] Moongate

  • Fel Britain Moongate
  • Bucs Moongate (no need for Fel before this one)
  • Fel Jhelom Moongate
  • Fel Magincia Moongate
  • Fel Minoc Moongate
  • Fel Moonglow Moongate
  • Fel Skara Moongate
  • Fel Trinsic Moongate
  • Fel Vesper Moongate

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