Corrupted Crystal Portal

Corrupted crystal portal.png The Corrupted Crystal Portal is a 1st year veteran reward that, when locked down in a player's house, allows characters to speak a destination command to it which will then teleport the character, and any pets, hirelings or other followers, to the destination Dungeon. It is bascially the Dungeons version of the original Crystal Portal. For example, saying 'dungeon despise' will teleport the character to the dungeon Despise in Trammel.

The item is always usuable by the house owner, as well as others if permissions are set appropriately.

Double clicking the crystal portal will pop open a book which provides instructions on how to use it, provided the player's account is at least 12 months old. Anyone can use the portal regardless of account age.

  • For traveling to the Trammel, Malas, Tokuno or Ter Mur ruleset you simply say "dungeon" followed by the name of the Dungeon you want to go to. (eg. dungeon covetous)
  • For traveling to the Felucca ruleset you have to say Fel before the "dungeon" and the name of the Dungeon you want to go to.(eg. fel dungeon covetous)

Note that if you name a dungeon after Fel that is not inside the Felucca facet, it will ignore the Fel command but will take the Dungeon command and the name of the dungeon afterwards and will still send you to that dungeon.


Locations must be spelled correctly and there is no case sensitivity.


Dungeon [name]

Felucca Dungeons

Fel Dungeon [name]

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