Darius the Wise

Found in the Lycaeum in the city of Moonglow

Darius the Wise is found in the North-Western part of the Lycaeum the City of Moonglow. The Lycaeum is located in the north-western part of the island on which the city of Moonglow is found.

Quest Title Details Reward
Elven Heritage obtain the Boon of Maul, the Boon of Strongroot, the Boon of Enigma, the Boon of Bravehorn, the Boon of Huntsman, the Boon of Arielle Reclaim your elven heritage

How to reclaim your elven heritage

  • To start the quest double click Darius The Wise and listen to what he says.
  • Then go and obtain the boons.
  • After all boons have been obtained return to Darius The Wise.
  • He will ask you to strip (un-equip all items and dismount) and then you are offered to reclaim your elven heritage.

Darius the wise map 1.png Darius the wise map 2.png

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