Davies' Locker

Deed to Davies' Locker
Weight: 1 Stone
0 Maps

Davies' Locker main window

The Davies' Locker is an 8th year Veteran Reward that is based on a real-life glass top table in the front lobby of Mythic Studio containing a three-dimensional map of Britannia, created by Alan Davies. It can store up to 500 Treasure Maps and/or Message in a Bottles. Although it is an 8th year Veteran Reward, an account of any age can place it in a house and access it, as allowed by the access security of the house (owner/co-owner) and Security Settings on the Davies' Locker itself (tested on Atlantic shard on Feb 3, 2013 with 6 month old account).

It can be placed to face:

East South
Davies' Locker.png Davies' Locker south.png

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