Dragon Food

Dragon Food was a quest offered during the In the Shadow of Virtue - Rise of the Bane Chosen event by the Bane Chosen Bounty Collector who could be found in the Bane Chosen camp in the Lost Lands Desert. 2000 loyalty points towards the Bane Chosen were needed to be able to take the quest.

Quest Description

  • Obtain 20 pieces of Crystalline Blackrock and return for your reward. You can mine for crystalline blackrock in Ter Mur or you can get it by killing the upper level Ophidians who spawn on the front lines of the battle in this event. The reward for this quest is food for the Bane Dragon, it is the only known thing that they eat.

What are you looking at, you lay about?! You think you can be one of the Chosen? Well, you have to prove yourself and get your own bane dragon!

Getting one takes guts and brawn but keeping one takes some of my special stew. I'll give you a bowl of it, but you gotta prove yourself by service to the Bane Chosen.

I want twenty pieces of crystalline blackrock in exchange for a bowl of my special dragon food. You can mine for it, if you haven't got anything better to do, but the fastest way to get it is from the cold dead hand of one of those Ophidians out on the front lines.... Now, get to it you wanna-be Chosen! Make yourself useful!

-Bane Chosen Bounty Collector

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

You can gather enough crystalline blackrock from the corpses of the Ophidians that spawn during the second and the third wave while increasing your loyalty to 2000 points which is needed to take this quest. When you have all 20, mark them as quest item and return to the Bane Chosen Bounty Collector:

"Well... not a bad days work, says I."

"Here, recruit, now good luck being food for the dragon. I mean... good luck feeding the dragon. Heh, heh."

-Bane Chosen Bounty Collector


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