Epaulette Bearing The Crest Of Blackthorn

Epaulette Bearing the Crest of Blackthorn.png
Epaulette Bearing The Crest Of Blackthorn
Weight: 3 Stones
Strength Requirement 10

The Epaulette is a new wearable introduced with Publish 84. It is worn in the same slot as robes and shares attributes with several artifacts including the Conjurer's Garb, Cloak Of Death, Cloak Of Life, Cloak Of Power, Cloak Of Silence, Conjurer's Garb, Mystic's Garb, or Shroud of the Condemned. The Epaulette is meant to replace the robe so the rest of the armor remains visible. As such, visible size on paperdoll is considerably smaller than a normal robe. Furthermore, they can only be seen in the paper doll.

The Epaulette can be blessed using a Clothing Bless Deed.

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