Ethereal Mounts

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Ethereal Mounts are special mounts that are summoned from specific blessed statues. They cannot be killed and are never without a rider on them. The statue must be located in the first level of a character's backpack in order to be converted into its ridden form. While dismounted, double-clicking the statue will begin the mounting sequence; it takes a couple seconds to call forth the creature. As with spellcasting, a character can be disrupted while summoning.

Ethereal mounts do not have the benefits and restrictions that are possessed by the tamed, live versions. For example, the Ethereal Beetle is not a container, the Ethereal Unicorn does not cast poison cures, etc.


  • Cannot be killed.
  • If rider is dismounted for any reason, the mount returns to the statue form.
  • Has limited movement range, which re-generates while the owner stands still. Does not regenerate in statue form.

List of Mounts

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