FAQ Friday 7 - January 28, 2011

Extra Fishy Edition

James Nichols, 28 January 2011 18:43:40 EST


Welcome to FAQ Friday - Where we've collected together answers to Frequently (and sometimes not so frequently) Asked Questions within the community.

This FAQ Friday is dedicated entirely to the Fish Monger - we've seen many questions, and we want to let you know there's nothing fishy going one.

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Please keep in mind that these won’t always address major topics of conversation, this is simply another way of sharing info about the game that won’t necessarily make it into a Producer’s Update or patch note.

How does the Fish Monger reputation work ? How do we gain /lose reputation ?

You gain reputation by finishing quests. You lose reputation by quitting quests.

Are the quested timed ? Do we lose reputation for taking too long?

Take all the time you like, it is not measured

Are we better off doing one quest at a time?

No, you can do 8 at a time.

Or can we just get quest from all the mongers at once?

You can have a quest from each of them at the same time. There are 8

If so does it matter in which order we hand them in?

It doesn’t matter what order you hand them in.

How much do each of these actions help/hurt?

Each time you complete an order with a specific fish, the next time you get an order with that fish the quantity will increase by 5 to a max of 20.

Each time you abandon a quest with a specific fish, the next order you get with that fish will be 5 less quantity. How does the monger decide which quest to give us?

The fish monger chooses randomly between a list of fish based on your fishing skill. The higher your skill, the bigger the list.

  • For each fish that you have completed an order for, you get a chance to get an order for 2 fish.
  • For each fish that you have completed an order for twice, you get a chance to get an order for 3 fish.
  • For each fish that you have completed an order for three times, you get a chance to get an order for 4 fish.
  • This progresses until you are getting orders for 6 fish.

The number of different fish in the order is always random, the only thing that changes is the odds.

Is it based on reputation with just the monger we are dealing with, or on our standing with all the mongers as a whole?

Reputation is pooled among all fishmongers, they talk to each other through a secret chat channel.

What role does the RNG play in this ?

As listed above, the kind of fish are random, the number of fish are random and the prizes are random.

How is the reward for finished quest decided?

There are categories based on order size. There is some overlap, but you get different prizes for a small order than you get for a big order. The size of the order is weighted depending on whether you are catching shallow water fish (x1), deep water fish(x2), or dungeon fish (x3).

Does reputation play a part?

Only in that it will limit the sizes of your orders

Why sometimes does a player receive a scroll, and the next time some bait or a book for the same weighted quest?

That is completely random. However, there are 4 order sizes which map to 4 categories of prizes. Each category has its own set of bait, books, scrolls, etc. - RNG plays no part.

Books? what are they good for?

They tell you where the fish are, and they are collectible.

Are they just a useless "you lost the RNG toss prize"?

We realize that the books are dropping more than is appropriate. We want to improve the rarity of books and will be scheduling changes in an upcoming publish - we will let you know more when we have additional details.

Or do they have some use now or later, In other words is it ok to just toss them or do I need to take up valuable storage space saving them for some later use?

I would just toss them unless you know someone who wants one. If there is ever an occasion to need one, you can just do the quest a few times and get another one. They are there as a collectable and to give you information about fish.

Thanks all!

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