Five on Friday - November 14, 2008

"When I try to equip my Crystalline Ring it tells me that I am not the correct rank and it attempts to let me equip it anyways. Then it goes back into my pack and deducts 20 modified skill. What can I do to correct the issue with modified skills?"

It is not necessary to call a GM for this. All you have to do is log out twice. This will clear up the issue.


"Will the game mechanics prior to the release of SA allow us to remove the properties enhanced or crafted out of a special material? So we can sacrifice them to the soul forge god?"

The answer is no. There are no current plans to allow removing special material from an item.


"When are the OSI and bugged houses going to come down? We have reported the same OSI houses and a few bugged houses several time, but they still stand."

We've had a slight delay addressing the OSI houses but we have been able to start up again and those houses are being deleted as soon as we can get to them. It's going to be a slow process but please hang in there.


"When Publish 55 was posted in September, we were cautioned that the 3rd year vet reward potted cactus and the 6th year vet reward brazier were being considered for a more flexible deed system that would allow the owner to choose more than one facing or style, but this change had not yet been made, and to hold-off on selecting these items until the change was made. So... what's the status? Will the cactus and brazier deeds now give us different choices of style and facing? Thanks!"

We were not able to fit this in with Publish 56 but we are hoping that it will make it in Publish 57.


"I want to apply to the Event Moderator Program and I was wondering when the deadline is to submit my application?"

You must have your application submitted by Monday, November 17th at midnight EST. Please make sure to answer all the questions on the application. Good luck!


20081114 uogift.jpg "Are we going to get a new holiday gift this year?"

We can't tell you all the details of what will be in this box of goodies but here is a reminder that your character does need to be 30 days old to get one.


What's to Come:

We've got some information about some balance issues we will be addressing. We'll have more information about this next week, so stay tuned!


Fan Site News:

New on WRR ... the Community Event Calendar!
Whispering Rose Radio ( is happy to announce the expansion of its community coverage for Player Run Events. If you are having an event and would like it promoted on the air then all you need do is submit the details by email at or to (WRR Community Events) at ICQ 437-889-581...
Be sure to include:
Shard - event to be held on (note if a cross-shard event)
Date(s) of event
Time(s) - start and ending time(s)
Name & Type of event
Where event will take place (include facet)
Main person to contact with questions and any other event content information you would like highlighted
Saturday - Nov. 15th - WRR Deal or No Deal ~ 'UO Style' is on hiatus and returns next Saturday, Nov. 22nd on the Atlantic shard at 3pm PT, 6pm ET. Participants will be playing for 10 Million and the 5 - 250K door prize drawings *remember, you must be there to win*! Watch for next weeks FoF with more details and map location.
Sunday - Nov. 16th - The Pacific Auction House (located just East of the Luna Moongate) continues after 4 fantastic years to bring you more great deals. Get there early for best seating. Auction starts at 12pm PT, 3pm ET and is broadcasted live on WRRadio.
Thursday - Nov. 20th - The Tazz and Keg's Underground show broadcast live on the air from 9pm - 11pm CT. Entering their underground world leads you to places you will never forget. Now you can also call into the show via Skype! So before tuning in make sure to get Skype and visit the Tazz & Kegs Underground page over at Underground Knights ( for full details on how to call into the show.
Have a blast playing Ultima Online and listening to Whispering Rose Radio [] ~ see you all on the flip side.


Remember everyone that the Five on Friday is fueled by your questions. Please send your questions by using the Feedback form and choosing "Five on Friday Questions" from the drop down menu. Your question might be answered in a future FoF!

That's it for me this week; I'll catch y'all on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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