Gargish Document - On the Void

Gargish document - on the void.png
Gargish Document - On the Void
Weight: 1 Stone

The Gargish Document - On the Void is one of the quest items of the quest Journey to the Athenaeum Isle. It can be found on the corpse of Minions of Scelestus inside the Athenaeum Isle.


On the Void by Prugyilonus

No one alive can remember when the tendrils of darkness first turned their grasp to the beauty of Ter Mur. For as long as our history exists, we have been locked in battle with the Void.

Looming over us like impending death, and the darkness seeks to swallow our kingdom and take us into the dark. Do not stare into the darkness, for it will swallow you. Do not fool yourself that you can challenge it; it shall defeat you.

- Prugyilonus, High Scholar of the Athenaeum

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